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Throwing The Curveball: Age to Teach It How to Teach It & Common Faults That Add Stress on the Pitching Arm

I.   When to Teach the Throwing The Curveball Throwing the curveball properly breeds many questions. Of course a lot depends on the physical development of a young pitcher, but generally speaking, I believe a pitcher should be close to 15 years of age before throwing the curveball in game situations. It is not a …

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baseball pitcher releasing a change up pitch

Having A Pitch Plan

How many times within a game do you as a coach ask yourself this question: Why is my pitcher throwing that pitch in that situation? We wonder numerous times throughout games how can pitch selection be so misguided. Therefore, a generic “pitch plan” is important, not only so the correct pitch is called in greater frequency, …

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mlb baseball pitcher shown at foot strike

Teaching the Psychology of Pitching

Pitching is the most important aspect of the game! A dominating pitching staff can make all the difference in determining a team’s success. Practice and mastery of the physical elements of pitching will improve the mechanical skills, but developing the psychological aspects of pitching can improve the overall concentration of the pitchers. Pitcher concentration is directly …

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baseball pitcher teaching - develop the psychology of pitching

Common Causes of Pitching Arm Injuries

The most common causes of pitching arm injuries to high school, college and professional pitchers are overload, overuse, lack of proper conditioning, and improper throwing mechanics. Overload is the result of throwing too many pitches during one outing. Maximum pitch counts for various age groups, or for an individual pitcher’s normal strength and stamina, are effective in preventing …

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Pitching Burnout in Baseball

At one time or another, a pitcher can have a tired or stale arm. This can happen on the youth level just as it happens on the professional level. In youth baseball, pitchers are even more susceptible, especially during All-Star time if pitching rules are relaxed and pitchers are able to pitch more innings. There …

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