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Outfield Tips

During batting practice shag all balls in your position! The READY POSITION is one of narrow stance with the weight on the balls of feet and the center of gravity relatively high, so that the outfielder can move quickly in any direction. He must be ready to move rather instantaneously in an unknown direction. You should walk …

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youth softball outfielder waiting for the next hit

Third Base Tasks and Tips

Playing third base requires the player to change his fielding position depending on the situation the hitter is facing. The following guidelines will enable them to be ready and move quickly to take up a new position on the field, as the situation changes. Set Position Weight slightly forward, left foot in front three or …

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short stops with power can make good third basemen

King Of The Hill Drill

Player’s Love To Compete! This drill emphasizes fielding skills & competition. It’s fun & a good test of players’ fielding skills & reaction! Add fun competition to our old game of pepper & watch how this great drill improves your fielders. Divide the team into two groups. A coach goes with each group and serves …

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king of the hill drill showing 3 youth ballplayers
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