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Aluminum Benches With Back

Aluminum team benches are used in all dugouts, as football benches on sidelines, and court side both indoors and out.

All brands look good when you take delivery. Unfortunately, some just don’t perform or stay looking good after a few seasons of weather & use. Originally developed as baseball benches, this line up is seen all over High school and NCAA sidelines, courtside and anywhere else players rest.

It’s been my desire to offer multiple brands of our products because I feel strongly about customers having a choice; here is our exception.

Meet The Only Aluminum Benches We Offer 
We have not found another brand with a combination of good build, a very good price, lengths, all mounting styles & team colors.

We have over a decade of customers using this line of baseball bench, football bench, soccer bench and any other sports-bench that stay looking good without the inherent rust and loose or weak joints I’ve found in too many others.

I personally prefer the benches with back over the single plank seat models but we also offer team benches with a back Plus a 20-inch deep top shelf just because I hate tripping over loose equipment on my dugout floor. (on the other hand, many players have learned a more colorful coaches-vocabulary).

Choose Your Length, Color 

Length – 7′, 15′, 21′, 27′ – (think 18″ wide per player)
Portable Mount –  is simplest to clean around
Surface Mount – is for bolting on to cured concrete
In-Ground Mount – is best with a new concrete floor or when digging holes to fill with bags of Quickrete

Standard Color – Natural aluminum with optional team color red, royal, navy, forest green

I hope you will consider these made-in-USA quality models in whatever lengths and style you prefer.


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