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Baseball Tarps, Weighted Tarps, Infield Tarps & Field Covers are not all the same product though all are used on dirt portions of baseball fields and softball fields.

Infield tarps are those used to cover an entire infield and are available in 4 basic sizes that fit about every dimension (and yes, we can make you a custom size baseball tarps for whatever you need).

Weighted tarps are a recent (and brilliant) invention available from only a couple of manufacturers. We have used them both and have our favorite that can save you some extra budget, especially on team colors and the heaviest weight available… and should absolutely want for its durability and the extra years of good service that you will receive.

Field covers seem to be an interchangeable term that describes about all and any of the above baseball tarps.

The bottom line is that it’s about time you stopped buying cheap junk that you throw away or going without, which etas up more hours and effort each season than you want to count.. and please only purchase weighted tarps for your mounds and home plate areas as well as anything else you can budget, such as your bases; they are just too handy & practical not to!

Have a look through our offerings & call for help!

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