Aluminum Team Benches

Aluminum Team Benches In 3 Styles!

Aluminum Team Benches for any indoor or outdoor sport all look good when you take delivery. Unfortunately, some just don’t stay looking good after a few seasons of weather & use.

It has been our philosophy to offer more than one brand of most of our products because I feel strongly about customers having a choice.

Meet The Aluminum Benches We Offer

We have never found another brand with a combination of good build, a very good price & choices of rows, lengths & even colors.

We have over a decade of customers using this line of baseball benches that seem to stay looking good without the inherent rust and loose or weak joints I’ve found in too many others.

I personally prefer the benches with back over the single plank seat models but really like the bench with back with the 20-inch deep top shelf just because I hate tripping over loose equipment on my dugout floor.

Choose Your Length, Your Style & Your Mount.
Portable Mount –  is simplest to clean around
Surface Mount – is for bolting on to cured concrete
In-Ground Mount – is best if you are pouring a new concrete floor or want to dig holes to fill with bags of Quickrete.

I hope you will consider these high-quality made-in-USA models in all lengths and styles.


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