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Ask the Coach

Hitting Slump

Ask The Coach about Hitting Slump Terry asks: I’m in a hitting slump right now and it’s more mental than my swing. I’m not sure what to do. Before the game time, I’m loosey-goosey and ready to play. But once I hit the field I freeze up and I don’t know why. Any suggestions? Coach …

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Looking For A Coach

I’m sure you heard this question many times before, but here goes. First, here’s some background info 10 years old 5’3” 130# Cal Ripkin league- No pitchers mound Average pitch speed 56mph Top speed 63mph Pitched to 103 batters, 77 strikeouts, 24 walks,2 hits with a pitch No hits. Only 2 foul balls Only 2 …

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Foul Territory

Is it legal for the first baseman to have his feet, one or both, in foul territory while holding a runner at first base? Kevin My rule you must have eight players in fair territory. The rule is really designed to keep a coach from placing a player behind the catcher during an intentional walk, …

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I coach baseball at the 13-15 Babe Ruth level. We work hard with our pitchers holding runners on to avoid giving up really easy stolen bases. At this point, I think our pitchers are doing well at this task. I have a question or two about the second baseman and shortstop and their jobs of …

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I have coached baseball for years and have told my kids that baseball and golf do not mix. A lot of golf can be a detriment to your baseball swing. Am I off base with my teaching? Coach I can’t really agree with you, to give the short answer.  I see athletics as all independent.  …

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Late Swing

Hello Coach, My question is what can we do about a hitter that is habitually late with her swing? It doesn’t seem to matter if the pitch is fast or slow!! Her mechanics and bat speed are great! She will be a sophomore at UW Whitewater this year. If she doesn’t correct this problem soon, …

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Laps & Push Ups?

I am coaching a 9 year old baseball team and have been discussing coaching techniques with my assistants.  My assistants think we should make players run laps and do push up when they constantly make the same mistake.  I am of the opinion that repetition and showing proper technique is the proper way to break …

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