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Stress In Youth Sports

In many circles, concern about stress placed on youth sport participants seems to be the most frequent topic of discussion when youth sports is mentioned. Is there stress in youth sports? Of course there is! Not only do the athletes experience stress, but so do the coaches, the parents, the officials, and the administrators. What …

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youth baseball stress

Teaching the Psychology of Pitching

Pitching is the most important aspect of the game! A dominating pitching staff can make all the difference in determining a team’s success. Practice and mastery of the physical elements of pitching will improve the mechanical skills, but developing the psychological aspects of pitching can improve the overall concentration of the pitchers. Pitcher concentration is directly …

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youth baseball pitcher releasing a pitch-curveball

Sideline Suggestions: 10 Things Kids Say They Don’t Want Their Parents to Do

Don’t yell out instructions. During the game I’m trying to concentrate on what the coach says and working on what I’ve been practicing. It’s easier for me to do my best if you save instructions and reminders for practice or just before the game. Don’t put down the officials. This embarrasses me and I sometimes …

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