Baseball Field Drags & Infield Groomers

Baseball Field Drags, Drag Mats, Nail Drags & Infield Groomers

Baseball Field Drags, Drag Mats, Nail Drags & Infield Groomers are all needed to maintain the basics of a baseball infield. We carry all popular sizes in strengths that will last and prices that will save you some budget.

I am not a fan of overpaying for these products but know that cheap & poor quality are always cheap and junk.

Much of what you will see in our collection of daily-use baseball field drags and etc. have been our standard offerings to high school baseball and softball as well as our college baseball and softball customers.

After this many seasons, you know that we would have heard the bad news but instead see steady reorders and the occasional compliment. As a business, this has always been our acid-test as to where we can make positive claims or must make changes.

Don’t Have Any Baseball Drag Mats Or Infield Groomers

If you are beginning a new program or inherited one with little or no useable baseball field drags or infield groomers of any kind, here are a few suggestions that will serve the most frequent purposes. You can add more as you have the budget or find the need:

Our 6′ wide x 3′ deep All Steel Drag Mats are our most popular flexible drags. They are the standard and the first I would buy. This size covers large swaths in one pass and can be pulled by your gator, ATV or similar OR player-power. If you primarily drag your infield dirt with something motorized, our 6′ x 6′ model would be your choice.

For choices Of Infield Groomers
Infield groomers are all pulled by something motorized with the possible exception of our “X-Pattern Nail Drag.”

Our Hand Nail Drag will work if you have nothing but player-power. It is your play, especially if you have nothing that will really dig and scarify your infield skin.
Note: if you can find or occasionally borrow someone’s ATV or golf cart, the task goes faster & is more efficient.

Our Diamond Digger Field Groomer is a buy-it once product that you will use a lot. It can be purchased by itself or with a combination that includes one of our flexible all steel drag mats that you attach by the included pull-chain and use in one pass, as well as utilizing the drag mat for your daily after practice or game-grooming.

Our Premium Nail Drag is also used in combination with an included rigid steel baseball field drag and is worth a strong look if you have more budget. The included 6′ wide x 18″ deep rigid drag is the same field groomer piece that you see MLB grounds crews pulling in their between-inning quick finishing.

Our Cut N Level Drag is the mac daddy that’s most appropriate for everything from rock & stone removal, leveling & smoothing; not so much a daily task but truly helpful and affordable for those tending multiple fields where you would use it more often to justify its cost. Again, a buy-it once-product!

Well, that covers most, not all but I hope this has helped you spend more wisely… until that lottery ticket pays off.

Now enjoy some recovered time & help some good kids!

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