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Practice Pitching Mounds Are Not All The Same

Practice pitching mounds are also known as artificial pitching mounds and artificial turf mounds. Either way, they are expensive products that you hope to only buy once.

The problem I have noticed over the last seasons is how many new brands have popped up. Actually, some good looking units. As I have traveled to many travel ballparks over this same period, I keep noticing too many that are prematurely broken down.

The high-wear spots don’t hold up and many become spongy when I simulate a pitch and the transfer of weight to the front landing area. Even the rubber and toe hold turfed areas of the back foot seem to fail all too often. (yes, even good turf can fail and be replaced but that’s not the worst issue).

Our Practice Pitching Mounds Have History On Their Side

So, how do you know the difference between good and not so?
That is a tough one in that you generally purchase these products online and don’t get a test drive (not that this would completely solve the problem either since they should all perform well when new…up until they don’t!)

I can only tell you that we have a 15-year history with the same USA-Based family-run turf mound manufacturer and have yet to have one single complaint.
Our USA-Made family manufacturer only makes portable mounds and artificial pitching mounds and accessories. We can offer you a complete range of sizes of practice pitching mounds and the larger wider game pitching mounds.

This quality is ideal for the heaviest users from baseball training facilities, High School & College baseball teams to pro ballparks and spring training facilities.

I know these products and highly recommend them for their superior build!

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