Batting Turtles & Baseball Backstops

Batting Turtles, Baseball Backstops and Accessories

Our customers say that baseball turtles & batting cages are confusing to purchase… and I agree.
The terminology is not standardized and who buys this stuff often enough to have expertise? Sellers…lol.

With that said, I’d like to offer you a few basics to get you in the right direction:
Team/School/Ballpark Batting Turtles

Check your budget 1st, and add whatever features and look you need. Finally, size, though all but our most inexpensive will be fine for all our heavier users!

A Batting Turtle Price Tells Alot!

Because good and cheap do not go together with these products.

Pitch Hunter Pro Super Turtles

We carry models that you have seen in Spring Training… and pro baseball knows how quality is supposed to perform.

They also demand all the bells n whistles including full padding kits, great sightlines, and heavier materials along with welded frames for units that stay in the “Up position!” Our Pitch Hunter Pro and Pitch Hunter Express are found on our pro batting turtles website,

They feature the same materials with the Pro unit having more interior room that pro baseball prefers. (they also have a grounds crew and a “Gator” to transport them long distances).

Big Bubba Batting Turtles & More

This is the model that changed the entire landscape of this equipment. We offer the original Big Bubba and the fancier Bubba Elite with its larger tires & coaches platforms.

We have now added the newer but very similar New Pro Turtle that features newer engineering and all the bells n whistles you could want!

These convertible dome-shaped models are seen in small colleges and of course, they are the most popular shape in high school baseball.

Need Big Bubba Batting Cage Parts? Click the link to see all our available parts!

Budget Batting Turtles

Don’t call these products cheap! These include the original squared shapes you might have grown up with. We have fixed and foldable D1 Batting Turtle units as well as some ingenious newer types that are built for those on a budget and those who have fewer people to transport them on and off the field.

Our new Home Plate Batting Turtle model is a clever economy model that some schools find as perfect for their needs without blowing a hole through this season’s budget!

About Batting Turtle Sizes

The size of a baseball batting turtle will never determine the direction of any baseball team’s season.

All our baseball turtles are built to accommodate adult-sized ballplayers and some are simply bigger or heavier-duty.

All are priced fairly and based on the strength of their build plus features and options like full padding, coaches platforms, or larger transport tires and their transport dolly.

All will accommodate adult-sized players however we would NOT suggest our most inexpensive models for our heavier users with adult-sized players. 

Batting Cage Accessories

Here are the basic products you need to get the most out of your batting cage!

Pitching L Screen – We have all seen the online videos of dad taking a line drive to the nether regions…lol.

But, regardless of the age and size of your player(s), you do not want to experience this accident and I assure you that if you throw enough batting practice, it will be when, not if you will get hit. So do yourself a favor and choose a pitchers screen of the best quality you can budget. Ideally, it should be the compact 5′ x 7′ models and absolutely, add a wheel kit!

This combo will eliminate the hassle that L Screens can be when it gets caught in the net when stored to the side of the batting cage.

Our Baseball Carts & Baseball Caddy – We offer baseball ball carts that are equally perfect as a softball cart or caddy. All our pro models & sizes are now available to everyone.

Our full-size baseball cart models hold 300 baseballs or 150 softballs. Our compact baseball caddy holds 60 baseballs or 60 baseballs. Compact means a smaller capacity but easier to transport whether in a batting cage through smaller storage openings or in your SUV.

Baseball Batters Mat –  Our 6′ x 12′ pro-turf face plus the thickest cushioned backer you will find & will last many seasons of hard use.

Includes the parallel-only lines of the batters box and an artificial home plate turf and is available in traditional green or the very popular terracotta-clay colored turf.

The bottom line is that when you are comparing any batting cage accessories, choose up to your budget! 

I hope this has helped but if not, call me directly and we will get it done with one phone call!

Remember, good & cheap do not go together!

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