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Our baseball screens are offered in 3 distinct categories:

Our Good Baseball & Softball Screens

are economical and lighter weight baseball & softball models, L screens for pitchers, sock net units, and catch nets… all at great prices.

Our Better Baseball & Softball Screens
have team quality steel frames and available in all common shapes from 7′ x 7′ baseball field & L screens to softball screens for pitchers, throwers & hitters to sock net units and catch nets.

Our Best Baseball & Softball Screens
are pro baseball models featuring heavier, larger frames (mostly based on an oversized 8′ x 8′ frame). They are light, considering their build strength, larger size & heavier nets. Higher quality wheel kits are included with most.

In Summary
Select baseball screens based on budget and the shape that fits your most common daily-use needs. Padding, color, or bells n whistles are nice but will not improve your hitters, and going cheap is like buying cheap catcher’s gear; it will work, right up until the moment of contact.

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