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Baseball field chalkers & dry line markers are interchangeable terms for the same 2 & 4 wheel hand-operated machines that drop crushed limestone chalk (no longer do we use lime) to outline the batters box template marks we draw before baseball and softball games.

Baseball Field Chalkers Dry Line Marker Choices
The 2 features you’ll want to determine before purchasing

Bucket Size – these range from the smallest 2 hard wheel models that hold 25 lbs. of chalk

Your Budget – Even if you don’t need the largest 100 lb. capacity model, I find the 4 wheel models with air-filled (pneumatic) tires are just easier to use and give better overall results compared to the 2 wheel and hard-wheel models… regardless of the capacity!

Here’s a hint if you are not sure:
You cannot go wrong with a 50 -65 lb. capacity in a 4 pneumatic tire model for most needs.

Batters Box Templates Choices
There are a few different types of batters box templates and most are steel-framed rectangles that are not overly complicated and frankly, simple to use & get right. Generally, they allow you to line up the template using a home plate as the fixed point. You either step on the frame which creates the outline or draw it in the dirt. Break out your chalker and get it done.

Just don’t drink before chalking. I swear that many youth volunteers must be pounding em down when I see foul lines so crooked, they’ll make the baserunner dizzy running home. Here’s a hint; 2  big nails and a string is a cheap investment… use it.

Hope this helps you decide!

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