Basehit Pitching Machine & Xtender Backyard Batting Cage

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1st    Choose Your Basehit Baseball Model
2nd  Choose Your Xtender Batting Cage Length
3rd   Add Your Leather Or Pro Dimple Baseballs

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Our Most Popular Backyard Batting Cage & Basehit Pitching MachineCoach JP Review Icon

A backyard batting cage with a Basehit pitching machine is now an affordable way for a budding ballplayer to quickly improve and deepen their love for this game! These high-quality and now affordable backyard baseball training solutions are here because of markets that opened when travel baseball exploded onto the scene 2 decades ago. Creative engineers and a handful of forward-thinking sporting goods manufacturers saw this opportunity and now produce next-generation quality that lasts…all for an affordable cost.

Our Xtender batting cage can be purchased in 3 lengths and is called the Xtender so that you can mix and match all 3 sizes; one which certainly will fit your backyard and your budget! You can harness your Heater Basehit Pitching Machine to the outside of the batting cage net. This protects the “pitcher” and pitching machine while not using any extra inside room! (You’ll also save by not needing to purchase a protective L Screen). Note: Xtender can be used with our other pitching machine brands too!

What A Fortunate Ball Player… A Pitching Machine & Backyard Batting Cage Right Out The Back Door!

Players improve by doing, alongside their training & learning, This is even more noticeable with younger baseball players in that they can distance themselves from their peer group quicker! The sooner they start swinging a lot, the longer you may see your player(s) in the game! Our Heater Brand Packages are excellent complete backyard choices for all youth players, without spending a lot more!

Heater Xtender Batting Cage Harness Shown With Heater Pitching Machine

Wish This Package Had More Velocity?

Add our Original Heater Baseball Pitching Machine & Xtender Batting Cage and get the same package-price savings! Your players will be hitting 60+ MPH (reduce the distance between pitching machine & batter for less reaction time which equates to even higher velocity)!

Heater Curveball Pro Baseball Pitching Machine | Shown In 2 Curveball Positions
Wish This Package Had A Curveball-Pitching Ability?

Add our Heater Pro Curveball & Xtender Batting Cage & get the same package-price savings! It is our steel case original Heater Baseball Pitching Machine with the added ability to throw right-hand or left-hand curveballs in variable speeds along with an accurate fastball too! (you will not want the shorter 24 ft. or 30 ft. Xtender in that you will want to allow the curveball to have time to do its thing).

Heater Combo Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine & Optional Ball Feeder
Wish This Package Had Ability To Pitch Baseballs & Softballs In One Pitching Machine?

The Heater Combo & Xtender Batting Cage is a baseball plus fastpitch softball model designed for either those wanting even more fastball-only velocity or the ability to throw baseball AND 11″ or standard 12″ softballs.


My Summary!
I cannot overstate what an advantage it is for a budding ballplayer to be able to swing as often as he can. It may be the ultimate difference-maker for your player! Our best entry-level baseball pitching machine with free auto ball feeder throws real baseballs or dimple balls up To 45+ & lite balls To 60 MPH! Our matching Xtender Batting Cages are your choice of 24′, 30′ & 36′ long. Simply add more as players grow!

You Cannot Find A Better Value PLUS A Guaranteed Lowest Price & FREE Ship!

Purchase the longest batting cage for your budget & backyard & click the buy button without regret! all are age-appropriate, priced right WITH FREE SHIPPING & will hold up for many years without issue!

I hope my thoughts will help you make your best purchase!

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips - baseball mental toughness

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