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Compact Baseball Caddy

  Holds 20 Dz+ Practice Baseballs That Dry Overnight
  Large Mouth & Great Height – Easiest For BP Pitchers
  Wider No-Flat Tires & Wheels – Rolls Over All Surfaces
  Best Price For A Pro Quality Baseball Cart

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A Compact Baseball Caddy Built To Save Your Time & Your Back

Quit Bending Over To Reach Into That Ball Bucket
You’ve probably figured out what this baseball caddy does well by looking at the pictures, but let’s look at some of the reasons to own this product.
It starts with how many times you bend over to pick up a few balls to throw during BP (batting practice). Hundreds!
The basket height will save the back of batting practice pitchers and fungo coaches of all heights.

The 10″ pneumatic (no flat) tires won’t easily dig into moderately wet infield dirt but will easily roll over crush n run, wet grass and of course, all hard surfaces.
The final feature I really like is that this particular baseball cart model is less wide than some of the other pro baseball caddy models. It handles small openings like narrow chainlink fence gates and skinny dugout or storage shed single doors.

The Baseball Cart For Batting Practice Pitchers

Roll your filled baseball cart to the mound and throw more balls in less time than with a rusted-out shopping cart with its cranky little wheels or the 3 dz. ball capacity of a tall coaches bucket (this baseball cart easily holds 20+ dz. baseballs, about 12 dz. softballs). Wide, tough no-flat tires & wheels transport full loads easier over any surface from wet dirt infield, crush & run, warning track, or grass!

Consider Our 2-Piece Baseball Cart Team Pack – Your Shipping Is Now Free!
One for your batting practice pitcher & the other for your “bucket tender” player in center field. All outfielders simply throw balls to the bucket tender and when full; just wheel it to the mound and then back to position with the pitchers’ now-empty baseball cart. It’s just a smart timesaver that’s priced for most teams needing a very good baseball caddy or softball caddy!
This product will last many seasons, so you can finally throw away that borrowed shopping cart!

Hope my thoughts help you to make a good decision!
coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips - baseball mental toughness



Some Baseball Cart Features To Note

  • The Powder Coated Welded Steel Frame Is Rustproof 
  • The Big Mouth 15″x15″x15″ Basket Collects Balls Easier  
  • Balls Will Air Dry Overnight In The Open Mesh Basket 
  • It’s Your BP Pitcher’s Friend With Its Adult Height Basket
Warranty 2 Yr. Pro-Rated
Ball Capacity 20 Dz.+ Baseballs 12 Dz.+ Softballs