D1 Foldable Batting Turtle | Portable Hitting Cage


D1 Foldable Batting Turtle | A Traditional Rolling Baseball Batting Turtle

   Full-Size Batting Space 16.5′ W x 16.5′ D
   Folds To Less Than 4′ High For Storage
   2″ Dia. 14 Gauge No Rust Galvanized Steel
   Weather Treated Net & FREE Baffle Net
   EZ- Roll Dolley Drive System

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Here’s Our Best Traditional Style Foldable Portable Hitting Cage
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I have offered this D1 batting turtle for enough years that I can say that I just don’t see any issues; no premature failure or any other common complaints. We have replaced some tires, a few main nets (after many years of leaving outdoors), and a few lost drive-dollys (I’m still not sure how that happens?)

The replaceable parts are always available as is the main net, which also seems to last regardless of the environment. Quality baseball field equipment lasts! The D1 Foldable Baseball Batting Turtle is a popular choice among small colleges, larger high school baseball programs & recreation leagues too.

It’s A Batting Turtle Won’t Break The Budget!
If the description fits your needs, you can be confident in your purchase! Click the buy button or call us with any questions. We’re here to help you!

I hope this helps you make your best decision!

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It’s A Portable Hitting Cage That’s Built To Last!

This full size portable hitting cage has extra width of 16½ feet which is more than sufficient to accommodate left or right-handed batters without needing to shift the cage. The weatherproof 2.5 mm cage netting is designed for heavy, outdoor team use! There’s double netting (our FREE baffle net) behind the hitter to reinforce the net area that would otherwise get worn out the quickest, while the sturdy 2″ thick steel frame has been flo-coated (think galvanized) for rust prevention.

It’s A Portable Hitting Cage That’s Easy to Move!

D1 Baseball Turtle Transport Position

D1 Baseball Turtle Transport Position

The D1 Cage can be easily folded by two people for convenient storage, and it can literally go from storage to batting practice in just 2 minutes.
The cage comes equipped with three 16″ diameter, 6″ hub, ball bearing, multi-directional pneumatic (compressed air) wheels,
each of which has a locking system to prevent air from leaking out.
The rear wheel has a dolly assembly, making the cage easy to move.
When folded, the cage compresses to dimensions of 16½’ wide x 11¼’ deep x 3.75′ high.

Everything You
Need For This Rolling Batting Cage Is Included – there’s nothing more to buy!
We include the netting, rear-drive dolly, and all of the hardware you’ll need.
The D1 rolling baseball backstop takes about 1  1/2 to 2 1/2 hours to assemble, then only 2 minutes every time thereafter!

Baseball Field Equipment Check Box Graphic  Rear Wheel Dolly Allows For Quick Transport
Baseball Field Equipment Check Box Graphic  Baffle Net Behind The Batter For Net Wear Protection
Baseball Field Equipment Check Box Graphic  An Easy-To-Set-Up Rolling Baseball Backstop

Baseball Field Equipment Check Box Graphic  From Storage to Batting Practice In 2 Minutes