Double Play Baseball Field Rake – 2 Sided Rake w/ Long & Short Teeth!


  A Unique Double Tooth Tool
  A Time-Saving Baseball Field Rake
  1 Side Of Long 3″ Teeth
  1 Side Of Short Lute Rake Teeth
  Longer Handle & Lighter Frame

Lowest Price Guaranteed!    1 year warranty    

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A 2 Sided Everyday Baseball Field Rake 
JP Review

Baseball rakes are generally made from lighter aluminum and most will do the trick. Our double-play baseball field rake just does it in two ways. One side includes standard-size tines for everyday leveling & dressing while the 2nd side includes the shorter lute rake times. It’s a bit better than most I’ve found and the price is good. They are lightweight to use but seem to stay together longer…just don’t use them to tamp down infield and home plate dirt and they should last you longer than your last ones.


Choose your size but the 36” wide model is our best seller. The 24″ are perfect for those fields with skinnier baselines or other tight dirt base areas.
It’s an innovative baseball field rake for daily chores and finish work. This rake can handle wet, heavy field problems as well as fine chores from top dressing to stretching your bags of field drying agent.


Designed to give you 2 tools in one with standard teeth on one side and lute rake teeth on the other. This two-teeth design makes the Double Play Baseball Field Rake versatile. The short teeth are used for breaking up hard-packed clay, while the long teeth are for wet clay and general raking. The rake has a long powder-coated aluminum handle and a 5″ non-slip vinyl grip that makes it comfortable to use.


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Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Details Pro-Rated Warranty – but no returns as of this writing.