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 Weighted Baseball Tarps Just Make Sense!Coach JP Review Icon

A weighted baseball tarp is a 21st-century upgrade!
Our new weighted baseball tarps act no differently than what we have been covering our dirt areas with since the 1970s… except that they get the job done quicker and with fewer people needed.
Now you can save games that were previously lost due to torrential rainstorms that wash out games before we can get the critical mound & home plate area covered in time!

Your Old-School Baseball Tarp Needs To Be Retired!

In past years, we bought a baseball tarp for our pitcher’s mound and another for home plate, all made of some “tarp” material. It was thin but within budget and when it quickly wore out, we bought another one.

We weighed down those lightweight baseball covers with anything that was convenient, cheap, or free and likely homemade.
Old tires, chairs, sandbags, cans filled with cement & a rope handle… ever see tubes of PVC cut to 1′ lengths & filled with cement & a rope handle?
Quite creative and it takes half a team to deal with it…. twice a day. Ugh!

Weighted covers certainly make sense and now seems ridiculous to still be doing the same thing we did back in 1970!

Weighted Mound Tarps & Home Plate Covers… don’t forget your bases & bullpens!

Some creative people have produced these better alternatives… and for reasonable prices too!
These weighted baseball tarps are heavy 18 oz. vinyl baseball tarps that are designed to protect and moisture manage your pitcher’s mound, home plate areas, bases & bullpens by adding weight to the perimeter of the heavy vinyl fabric.
Since the weight is stitched into the fabric, there are no additional weights required to keep the field tarp in place. So throw those cement-filled cans in a lake!

This new breed of weighted baseball tarp can be taken on and off your infield quicker and easier while offering protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Plus, our brand resists cracking from the cold and winter season!

We Can Make Your Weighted Baseball Tarps In Any Size & Most Team Colors

These weighted baseball tarps are waterproof & stay in place, thanks to weights that are inserted inside a urethane sleeve, and then sewn into the perimeter. The standard color generally in stock is forest green. All other colors can take a few weeks to fabricate & ship to you. Please keep that in mind if you have a deadline.


Here Are Some Important Features Of Our Weighted Baseball Tarp Covers

                        Baseball Field Equipment Check Box Graphic  UV protection from sun damage (note that red & purple can fade over time)
                    Baseball Field Equipment Check Box Graphic  Rot & mildew protected from dampness
                    Baseball Field Equipment Check Box Graphic  Withstand winter temperatures down to -40
                    Baseball Field Equipment Check Box Graphic  School colors are now available & with no upcharge (allow extra time for delivery)

Our Major League style design is almost a perfect circle that & when properly installed, won’t harm your surrounding infield grass.
They are specifically designed to fit neatly into the mound or home base dirt circle. Our weighted baseball field tarps will provide optimum long-term or day coverage, winter protection, or dirt/moisture management. The tarp’s rip-resistant fabric is rot and mildew-resistant, while the heat-welded seams assure complete waterproof protection.


I hope my comments have helped you consider this fine addition to your program!

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips
Coach JP Signature

  • We now only offer you the heaviest weight for an even longer-lasting product!
  • Now in more team colors for no extra cost!
  • Since I wrote this page a few years ago, I have seen these weighted tarps all over the country!