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Baseball Screen

   Pro Size – Pro Build | 5 Yr. Warranty!
   Oversized For Maximum Protection
   Heaviest Duty Frame & Heaviest Nylon Net
   EZ Transport Double Wheel System
   No Flat Tires (centers vary from red or white)

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What Makes These Baseball Screens A Pro Quality Investment in Your Program?Coach JP Review Graphic


Baseball screens of pro-quality carry a higher than usual cost.
Similar quality pro screens all carry a somewhat similar cost as well. Since we have not had one complaint or issue with this series, I’d call them pretty darn good!
For those who are stepping up to the cost of a pro-quality screen product, you will likely be impressed with what’s better than the typical baseball screens you have been buying.

We offer plenty of good baseball screens & pitching screens for less money but the reality is that the value, longevity, warranty & size of this pro series makes for a good investment & a sizeable long-term difference that you might want to consider. Allow me to go through some comparisons:

The Typical Team Baseball Screens

The standard size of most field screens and pitching screens is based on a 7-foot square with a galvanized or powder-coated frame of around 1  1/4 inch to 1’2 inch 17 gauge steel. Pieces are swedged on the better models bolted on the good ones or push-pinned together on the lower end and whatever on the junk.

Legs are drilled through the frame bottom with screws inserted, bolted & tightened. (Our most popular series is built to the top of these specs and will last longer than most in their price point, but the reality is that without wheel kits, continual dragging and dropping onto the playing surface all will loosen the leg portion over time (most of what I see out there doesn’t just loosen, they wobble and ultimately are added to our junkyard of screens that we just cannot seem to get rid of).

The Advantage Of Our Oversize Pro Baseball Series

Starting with size, these 8 ft. square and 10 ft. square screens are noticeably larger and simply protect more, leaving less of anything or anyone exposed.
That’s worth a lot over many batting practices & seasons considering the close calls we have all experienced!

Considering the oversized footprint, they are really manageable when transporting on and off the field, over dirt, (mud), grass, and crush n run.
We use steel tubing making for a very strong frame that’s quite sturdy while also dropping pounds that a steel frame would require. Of course, galvanized is inherently rustproof, so no worries there.

Wheel kits are really part of why these oversized bulky-shaped squares transport so quickly & easily. They pair well with the no-flat tires that will take the occasional hit. Next, the bracing allows for wide-track stability that’s not available on lesser-priced models. This also makes it easier for one person (think freshman…lol) to handle

Netting quality matches the high-end frame unit. We use weather-treated and UV-A & B-protected heavy twine nylon baseball net that is a pillowcase style for double the protection.
This means that you simply slip the net over the erected frame, lace the bottom shut and you will now have 2 layers of this top-quality net.

The tough rust-proof frames make it lightweight enough to move daily, especially with the included wheel kit. The netting is double strength pillowcase style for twice the protection and more years of use. This entire series has a real cost but a real long-term benefit; likely, the last you will need to buy! If you buy one of these baseball field screens, chances are you will want the rest of the series including the 8′ x 8′ Pitchers L Screen for your on-field BP or the compact 5′ x 7′ for your batting tunnel!


If you are in the market for protective screens you are not going to continue replacing, this is your play!
I hope this helps you decide if these baseball screens should be on your ballfield!

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park
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Here’s A Summary Of Why Pro Ball, College Ball & You Are Going To Like Our Largest Pro Style 1st Base & Baseball Net Partition With Wheels
      • Heavy-wall frame and wide-track wheel assemblies for all-weather durability
      • Weather-treated 1.75 in. mesh netting stands strong against high-velocity pitches and off-bat hits
      • Pillowcase-style Weather treated netting that slips easily over the frame and secures via lacing on the bottom for complete coverage
      • Permanent 4 in. x 10 in. no flat tires that allow quick transport around the field
      • Perfect for collegiate and professional baseball and softball playing levels… and now, many high school baseball programs too
      • 5-year warranty on the frame and 2 years on the net