Baseball Screen Wheel Kit Fits Up To 2 Inch Diameter Legs



Check BoxExtends Life Of Your Baseball Screens
Check BoxFits Baseball Screens Up To 2 Inches diameter frame
Check Box6 Inch Wheels Roll Easily Over All Surfaces
Check Box        Simple Clamp-On Attachment

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Why You Want A Baseball Screen Wheel Kit
JP Review

A baseball screen wheel kit will add multiple seasons to any baseball screen you own! Additionally, you will finally stop fighting with moving on and off your ballfield. Even more often, you are constantly moving & adjusting when used in your batting cage hitting drills.

Think how many times you move a screen throughout batting practices and it’s no wonder why so many wobble and become unusable before they actually need to be replaced! Additionally, baseball screen wheels allow for one person to handle moving them. So, yes, it does add to the cost but if you have a bit of extra budget, you will undoubtedly save in the not-so-long run!

I hope my thoughts help you to make a better decision!

Coach JP with L screen

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