Our MLB Pro Baseball Bases Set with Options & Accessories

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  Our Best Selling Pro Style Base Set
  Heavy Rubber Surfaces Over Hi-Density Foam
  Welded Steel Pan (no bolts)
  Official Base Size! – 15″ x 15″ x 3″

Name Brand Baseball Bases Will Not Improve Your Team Play!JP Review

Baseball bases are about quality as opposed to name brand. There are some items where the name brand is what you want (ever had off-brand ketchup?...lol)! Our base sets will give you all the seasons of use you want without the extra expense of the one name brand you are likely to know. Our MLB Pro Base Sets have heavy rubber surfaces molded over high-density foam guts. The metal bottom stanchions/pans are welded & won't easily rust. Note: No bolts to come loose. You can buy these bases with or without ground anchors and plugs to keep dirt out!  

Got A New Ballfield - Need Multiple Baseball Bases & Distances?

Buy baseball & softball bases in sets with the extras for any new ballfield, of course. If your new ballfield is being used with multiple age groups or multiple base distances, you will want to add extra sets of base anchors, plugs... and don't forget the dig-out tool. They are inexpensive and tend to disappear for some reason so an extra one for the few bucks you will invest, will always be a good idea. Call me toll-free if you have any questions 800-487-7432.

[caption id="attachment_3717" align="alignright" width="150"]Pro Base Plugs (set of 3) Pro Base Plugs With Whisks[/caption]

Good Quality Is Good Quality... Our Baseball Bases Will Simply Save You Money!

Our pro baseball & softball base sets are hollywood base style (some know them as bolco base style). Nothing wrong with those brands... I just feel that our brand has saved many of our high school & college customers a bunch of money and perhaps this will help your budget too!
  • High Quality For High School & College Play
  • League Approved Official Size & Style
  • Long Lasting Weatherproof Paintable Surfaces
  • 2 Year Warranty Means Well Built

Our Baseball Base Sets & Accessories - In Summary

Our Pro Base Sets have heavy rubber surfaces molded over high-density foam guts The metal bottom pans are welded & won't easily rust. Note that there are no bolts to come loose. Buy these bases with or without ground anchors and plugs to keep dirt out. [caption id="attachment_3716" align="alignright" width="150"]Pro Base Anchor (set of 3) Pro Base Anchor (set of 3)[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3715" align="alignright" width="150"]Standard Base Anchor (set of 3) Close Up On Dirt Standard Base Anchor (set of 3)[/caption] [caption id="attachment_209840" align="alignright" width="150"]Baseball Base Digout Tool Base Digout Tool[/caption] I hope my comments will help you to save money and make your best buying decision!
[caption id="attachment_209839" align="alignleft" width="150"]Baseball Base Cart Baseball Base Cart[/caption]   Click & See Our New Style Of Baseball Base Cart (picture is shown to the left).  

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Choose Your Bases or Accessories Here

1 x Set of 3 Bases w/No Accessories – $189, 1 x Set of 3 Bases w/Ground Anchors – $199, 1 x Set of 3 Bases w/Ground Anchors & Plugs – $209, Base Dig Out Tool – $16, Standard Base Anchors (Set of 3) – $32, Pro Base Plugs (Set of 3) – $36, Pro Base Anchors (Set of 3) – $120, Base Transport Cart – $249