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Folding Batters Box Template


Lightweight Aluminum Frame 
Step On & Create An Imprint To Chalk
Folds In Half For Easy Transport
3 Models To Fit All Size Fields

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A Folding Batters Box Template Just Makes SenseJP Review

Adding a folding batters box template is simply a more convenient template idea.
There’s nothing wrong with our standard templates. They have worked for groundskeepers for decades… and still do.

But, here is a newer style that allows you to position as usual but instead of tracing the outline of the template with a stick or nail, you simply step on the template and create a 2-inch wide imprint in the batter’s box dirt. This creates a full-width imprint for you to then chalk over (dry line Chalker’s all offer this 2-inch wide setting, usually as the default width). You then fold the template in half and carry it off the field. It is made of aluminum so light enough yet still built sturdy enough to last many, many seasons.

Your amateur or pro grounds crew, regardless of experience, can handle this task and will create very consistent and accurate batters box templates!


Choose your size and that’s it… I hope this helps you to make an informed buying decision!

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park

Coach JP Signature


  • It’s a lightweight aluminum frame batters box template
  • You simply line the handle up with the straight side edge of the plate & you’ll be square and the correct distance away for proper alignment
  • Step on the template and leave a 2″ wide impression to chalk over
  • Fold it in half for easy transport