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Not All Batting Cage Nets Are The Same

Like anything else, batting cage nets have differences in type, grade & strength too. Frankly, unspecific standards make it more difficult than it should be.

We carry the two largest selling types of material:
Nylon & Polyethylene

Nylon is the superior material in that it handles abrasion better but carries higher cost. Poly batting nets are also an excellent material, is more reasonably priced yet still has a very good anti-abrasion quality. Adding that may afford you the ability to budget a heavier gauge of net makes poly batting cages our most popular.

Other Batting Cages Materials Considerations

Nylon absorbs water and can turn gray over time dependent on the climate, it is a bit easier to repair though I honestly don’t see many coaches repairing nets in that good ones seem to last or are at the point where they’re ready to to be replaced.

Polyethylene (aka poly) as a plastic doesn’t have the soft feel of nylon but this offers the upside of not absorbing water, rotting or mildewing, either. Poly material begins life as beads that are melted into a liquid then extruded from this liquid state along with liquid UV protection & made into strands which are joined to make your batting cage net. This creates a real benefit for considering this product. 

A Somewhat Summary

I promise that your hitters will not improve nor will they develop unfound love for this game dependant on batting cage material. The best thing you are doing is giving ballplayers the chance to swing and swing some more and that, is your best decision; the rest is simply buying what your budget says knowing that when in doubt, choose a shorter cage with a heavier net, not the opposite. Other than that and with this knowledge, purchase what feels like the right call…  I can tell you that you are buying good stuff here.

Have a great season!

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