Perfecting the Stride

Young players need to practice their stride (or the little step taken before they swing the bat). The stride should be: 1.Straight. Unless they are using an open or closed stance, the stride should be at the pitcher. When opened or closed, the stride should put them in a position where their shoulders make a …

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Effective Two-Strike Hitting

One of the most important areas of offensive baseball is the ability to make good contact with two strikes. The most successful pitchers have the ability to “turn it up a notch” when they have the hitter in a two-strike situation. Unfortunately, many hitters do not raise their level of competitiveness accordingly. Not only does …

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In starting these drills, it is assumed that no one has had formal instruction in sliding, that the players are poor sliders, amateur sliders and even “afraid” to slide. Basic to beginning instruction is finding a comfortable side for sliding, knowing how to land and using the bent-leg slide insuring safety so that injuries do …

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Lost Secrets of Hitting

Going for home runs, too many modern players pile up strikeouts instead of making contact with the pitch! It was a monumental find. While pursuing my lifelong study of the skill of hitting, I discovered some old, dusty 16 mm film footage of the great hitters of yesterday. One was titled, “Hitting Stars of 1943.” It …

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Real Players Hit With Wood

Let me say this up front. I do not like aluminum bats . . . but I’ll win with them. Practice with wood . . . and you’ll win with aluminum. It’s really very simple. An aluminum bat swing can be mechanically flawed but still get results. Inflated averages & power numbers abound with huge …

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Hitting Simplification

THEORY The hitter is more successful if he. 1.  Knows what pitch is coming 2.  Knows what the action of these pitchers are 3.  Knows the pitcher’s tendencies in a given situation INITIAL OBSERVATION 1.  Observe the pitcher warming up in the bullpen prior to the game. Train your eye. Take note of the movement …

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