Infield Skills

FIRST BASE 1. Must be able to handle all types of throws 2. Covers a wide territory 3. Tossing ball to pitcher covering first 4. Throwing to second base on double play a. Back point of second, if throwing from behind baseline b. Front point of second if throwing from in front of baseline 5. …

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infielders are always moving before the swing

Four Runs or Less

Our objective in a nine-inning ball game is to hold our opponents to four-runs-or-less. This goal provides direction for our defense during the course of a game and practice. Once the goal has been established (four, five, six runs or whatever works in a specific program), then the players have to understand how to achieve it …

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baseball score board

Defensive Concepts

DEFENSIVE QUOTATIONS: The following quotations can be heard in every baseball park at any time. These are at the heart of baseball philosophy. Prevent the big inning. “If you hold them scoreless, I promise you a tie” said the offensive coach to the defensive coach! We cannot lose if we do not let them score. …

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defense is more than a concept - where's the defensive players

Pregame Infield Practice

Purpose: Primarily for throwing, but will also impress the opposition if done right. Suggested to use your regulars and one extra with two catchers. The fungo hitter hits from behind the mound area on all outfield throwing. LF- (hit two) Base hit down just inside foul line where it can be fielded well short of the fence. …

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Relay Shuttle Drill

I call this the relay shuttle drill. It’s great for a number of skill learning activities and can be adjusted for a variety of skill levels. Get 3-4 players 45-50 feet apart in a line with one baseball to start with.  One of the players on one end throws the ball to the next player …

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County Fair Drill

Here is a fun drill we call “County Fair.” Our team of 12-year olds love it, and it gives them exposure to nearly every aspect of baseball defense. The drill starts with 6 players: Catcher Third Base Shortstop Second Base First Base Center FieldThe 5-6 remaining players feed into the center field position from left …

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Team Oriented Practice Drills

“50” This is an infield drill. Players at their spots, one coach fungoes, another times how fast the fungoed ball reaches first base. Players must make 50 straight plays in less than 4.5 seconds each. Any mistake returns count to zero. You can make the time whatever you want. It represents the average runner’s time …

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