New & Unique Baseball Field Equipment & FREE Baseball Instruction! is our way of helping coaches, athletic directors & departments charged with creating & maintaining  winning programs and facilities from high school baseball to the rec departments of America’s towns & cities. 

We come to this game as ex-players and coaches who share a lifetime love & appreciation of the amateur coach, player & game!

From T-ball through high school baseball & college baseball there is a consistent need for strong basic and advanced training and facilities. We have gathered and provided the knowledge in this one area of the baseball and fastpitch softball world through years of on-field learning and the confidence gained from seeing our products perform on the same ballfields for over two decades; we know what works and what stands the tests and rigors of hard use. 

Much of this knowledge is FREE OF COST to you and your club, school, facility or department!

We have learned from those who came before us… some of the world’s greatest experts; the successful coaches from the high school, college, minor league and major league baseball ranks.

We have compiled under 1 roof, Articles – Videos – Baseball Field Equipment – Baseball Field Maintenance Equipment as well as the best baseball Training Aids and tools available for you, the baseball coach, athletic director, aspiring backyard ballplayer and the extended baseball Family.

Thank you for the last 2 remarkable decades, (as of this writing)… it’s been our pleasure to meet you, help you & learn from you!


 Coach JP Pero – Baseball Tips Owner/Publisher

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