What Batting Cage Size Should You Choose?

A Note About Buying A Batting Cage

The reality is that any batting cage is the most impactful baseball training equipment any player could possibly dream of. The color, the length and any other detail is just that, a detail.

But, since there are choices, let’s simplify the process so you can make a good decision without regret:

  1. Look At Price & Budget – think a shorter system with a heavier net not a longer system with a lighter net, especially if a tight budget needs to be considered  This will guarantee you the longest years of use.
  2. Whittle The Length, Width & Height To What Fits In Your Particular Space
  3. Take Your Net Down In Any Off-Season For Added Years Of Use
  4. Buy From Those Who Really Specialize In These Products – Not sporting goods or discount stores!

Check out our collection of backyard batting cages, pro batting cages & batting cage accessories. Here’s the direct link to all your batting cage choices.

You will see complete systems with net and frame, frame only for those who may have a net and net-only choices that range on price and quality plus our 3 backyard batting cage choices. Consider bumping up against your budget but not blowing through it but don’t go cheap either.

Important Notes About Cage Length, Width & Height

Batting Cage Length
A batting cage length does not matter to a ballplayer’s future but having holes in a net makes it unusable.

So, when budgeting, consider a shorter batting cage over a lighter weight batting cage net.

Batting Cage Width
12 ft. wide nets are fine for younger players who have not hit their growth spurt. You may notice taller, longer-limbed hitters hit the net at shoulder height on their backswing (especially top-hand release hitters). 14 ft. widths are best for adult-size ballplayers and are preferred where there is room.

14 ft. wide frames can be used for 12 ft. wide nets.
16 ft. wide frames are used for BOTH 12 ft. & 14 ft. wide nets! 

Batting Cage Height
The standard frame height is 12 ft. from ground level. The standard net height is 12 ft. as well. Nets tend to sit with 6 to 12 in. of the net on the ground to capture hard-hit ground balls. We take this into consideration for any of our frames and nets; we cannot speak for others.

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I’ll Say it Again, You Don’t Want To Buy This Twice!

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