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The Zip Net - Catch Net

  • # 30 Nylon net - 10' W x 8½' H (adjustable width)
  • Net Slides Away Easily When Not in Use
  • Turn Your Garage Into Your Practice Space
In Stock
  • Includes all Hardware - Nothing Else to Buy
  • 3 Year Full Guarantee
  • Easy Set Up: Takes 2 People Just 10 Minutes


The Zip Net is simple to use and makes a great solo batting practice station. Just set this catch net up in your garage and, with the aid of a batting tee or soft toss machine such as the Wheeler Dealer, you can practice hitting any time.

The net is 10' long by 8½' high and made of durable #30 strength nylon. It's guaranteed to withstand regular daily use for at least 3 years!

Additional Information

Warranty 3 Year
Catch Net Height 8' 6 "
Catch Net Width Adjustable to 10 ft
Net Material Nylon

Easy to Set Up

  • Your catch net purchase comes with all the hooks, stops and hardware you need to easily install the Zip Net.

  • Includes 25' of wire, which is enough to span the typical 24' two car garage. The wire is already threaded through the Zip Net's sliding mechanism.

Simple to Use

  1. Slide away from wall.

    Slide catch net away from garage wall
  2. Hook over stop.

    Hook net into place
  3. Weigh down the corners.

    Use 2 water bottles to weigh the net down
In Stock
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