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Duraband Baseball Thrower & Batter Strengthening Kit

  • Great for pitchers, position players & batters
  • Perfect for team use (3 players at once)
  • Hang them from dugout or bullpen
  • See the product demo video below
In Stock
  • Bands & Strengths For All Age Players
  • Quickly Changes For Throwers & Batters
  • Hangs From Dugout & Bullpen Fence or Door
  • Great With Throwers 10 Jobe Exercises
  • We Also Have The Original Duraband Thrower

Product Video

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Our Duraband Thrower & Batter Strengthening Kit Includes

Dura-Band Baseball - This patented adapted baseball is worth its weight in gold. Nothing on the market today or in any gym creates resistance throughout the entire throwing motion including at the wrist snap and release of the ball like the Dura-Band Baseball. Due to its non-rotating ball design, resistance is placed on the wrist and forearm muscles which helps prevent all types of elbow injuries. Rotator cuff injuries decreased also as the player simulates their own unique throwing motion with resistance, targeting their specific muscles used in the shoulder region.

Durabat - This patent pending adapted baseball bat provides training that has never been available before to hitters. The unique design of the Durabat improves a player's performance by:

  • Increasing core muscle strength
  • Increasing strength in wrist and forearms
  • Increasing strength in lower and upper back quadrants
  • Increasing bat speed & Power at impact
  • Ensuring wrist snap at impact
  • Assisting swing path is kept on correct plane
  • Ensuring correct grip is being used
What JP Says about the Duraband Baseball Thrower & Batter Strengthening Kit

The Duraband Thrower & Batter Strengthening Kit Is Added Strength Right In Your Bat Bag

We all use or need to be using resistive bands. They’re so easy, cheap and portable. They’ve just become a part of a ballplayers bag.

Most are used for warming up & arm strengthening plus protecting & building the smaller muscles of the shoulder capsule (rotator cuff), plus elbow and forearm.

Why Not Add A Ball & A Bat Handle… your doing these exercises anyway?

Increases Compliance


Countless numbers of coaches have reported that anytime a player, regardless of their age or level of expertise, can perform their conditioning exercises while using the ball of their sport, compliance to perform their exercises increases. The Dura-Band Baseball and Durabat not only increases compliance, but increases the quality of the conditioning as the player is specifically overloading the exact muscles they use during their throwing and hitting motion.

My Favorite Training Aids

Do You Get It?

I really like training that uses the same baseball motions or mechanics that we do on a softball field during a practice or game… adding the non rotating ball will add wrist, hand and finger strength (need more fastball?). The bat handle & bands makes sense too. Adding this resistance training will allow hitters a better weight transfer… incredibly important to being on time to contact and some added pop to these swings.

The Bottom Line

Resistance training and resistance bands are seen in most every bullpen, dugout & training room for a reason. These are the best I’ve found for your room and for the ballfield. They will last forever and are a one-time purchase.

They will maximize all the extra time & sweat you put into your baseball future. If you are going to do this extra work to be that extra player, get the most out of it… this will help you just that much more.

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Area of Focus Arm Durability, Hitting Power, Strength, Throwing Power
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
In Stock
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