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Designated Hitter Batting Figure | Pitching Trainer

The Designated Hitter Bullpen Batter
  • Learn To Pitch Inside Successfully!
  • Learn To Handle Hitters Who Crowd Home Plate
  • Youth 5 ft. 2 in model Or Adult  5 ft. 9 in. Model
In Stock
Price From: $299.00
  • Tough Weatherproof Materials 
  • Safer Smooth Edge design Reduces Ricochet
  • Built To Last For Years

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The Designated Hitter (DH) is a life-like, heavy-duty polyethylene silhouette figure of a batter who stands in at the plate in place of a real batter. This adds a critical element of reality to pitching practice. Rather than simply throwing to a catcher behind a plate, the pitcher is practicing in a more game-like setting.

Available in two sizes (each figure bats both right- and left-handed), the DH is weather resistant, durable, and holds its shape under severe abuse. There's even a unique Inside Pitch Attachment to help pitchers throw inside with confidence so when it's time to jam a hitter, they won't leave the ball out over the plate.

Because the DH clearly displays a hitter's key location points - knees, elbows, hands and stance - your pitchers learn to make the proper corrections to locate the ball where they want it, time after time. And with each pitch they're building confidence. Confidence they can take with them to the hill and use in any situation!

"Are you afraid to throw inside? Learn to do it effectively with this great tool."

- Byron Embry, Minor League pitcher

What JP Says about the Designated Hitter Batting Figure | Pitching Trainer

The Designated Hitter Pitching Aid

This just makes sense for any pitching program, indoor or outdoor, for youth players right up through Big League teams.

I've heard a big time Big League power arm say something like that in 50% of his starts, "I do not have my 'A game'. Now I have got to really pitch." A future Hall of Famer recently said that as the season grinds on, his arm feels great about one start each month! Yet he certainly finds ways to win more than once a month.

All pitchers need a shot of confidence with their control on given days! There's nothing better than to go out in the bullpen and work the corners, develop patterns and make adjustments in a game-like setting. And having a batter who will not rush the mound is also a plus!

More and more big time pro, college and high school programs are "getting it." Now you can too! Just choose your size and color...and the DH ships immediately via UPS Ground to your door!


"The DH lives in our bullpen and I won't let a pitcher throw without him standing in. Our pitchers are now having more success throwing strikes to the inner half and are developing the confidence to pitch in and win."

                - Eric Degre, Head Coach, North County Union High School (VT)

"The DH displays all of the hitter's key landmarks, giving pitchers a complete image of the strike zone. This helps pitchers develop more consistency in the accuracy and trajectory of their pitches."

                - Jim Haller, First round draft pick (1970), Los Angeles Dodgers

"The DH is a great alternative to live hitters. It allows our pitchers to visualize throwing to spots, and builds confidence to throw the ball inside."

                - David Pierce, Pitching Coach, Rice University

"I have searched for years for a tool that could be used to provide a hitter's reference for a pitcher in his bullpen practice and also reduce the risk of injury created by a real hitter in the box. This product is the best I have found."

                - Dave Bingham, Pitching Coach, University of Nebraska

"The DH gives our pitchers confidence to attack the batter without the fear of hitting them. If they hit the Designated Hitter they make the proper corrections and keep throwing, no apologies needed."

                - Mike Peitzmeier, Head Coach, Omaha Tigers 13-year old USSSA Team

"The DH has really given our pitchers a better feel for pitching in the entire strike zone. They are noticing much more confidence in working the inner half of the zone and find themselves working more aggressively and game-like than when a teammate stands in."

                - Al Brisack, Head Coach, Edgewood College

"We use it in our pre-game warm-ups and 90% of our bullpen work. The fact that the DH is flat has minimized my concern about ricochets into my catcher. What a great tool for my guys!"

                - Fred Corral, Pitching Coach, University of Oklahoma

"It is the best product of its kind on the market. I like it because it is realistic, sturdy, easy to move, and in one piece."

                - Geoff Zahn, Major League pitcher (1973-1985)

"'The DH looks just like a real hitter and we use it in all of our pens. Our pitchers have really enjoyed throwing to it. Every bullpen in America should have one."

                - Scott Jackson, Pitching Coach, University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Used by....

The Pros - Arizona Diamondbacks, New York Mets, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, Washington Nationals

Top NCAA Division I Programs - Baylor University, Creighton University, Mississippi State, Northeastern University, Rice University, Texas Christian University, University of Nebraska, University of North Carolina, University of Oklahoma

Additional Information

Warranty 5 Year
Choose What Size Wrap Here Any
Area of Focus Pitch Command, Pitch Control, Pitch Location

The DH Helps Solve The 3 Biggest Problems That Prevent Pitchers From Mastering Pitch Location

Problem # 1 - Not getting a feel for the entire strike zone

Without a batter, pitchers can only practice getting the ball over the plate. But they need to work on hitting the high and low points of the strike zone too. Batters have many "holes" in their swings, and winning pitchers routinely hit those spots.

Problem # 2 - Not being aggressive

When pitchers aren't aggressive on the hill they tend to aim the ball. When this happens, they take something off the pitch and get into trouble. That's why practicing with a batter at the plate helps pitchers build confidence. It teaches them to be more aggressive and helps them take command of the entire strike zone.

Problem # 3 - Not pitching "in"

The "up and in" pitch is one of the hardest pitches in baseball to hit, yet even harder to throw consistently well. The reason for this is because pitchers practice this pitch without a batter. Also, most pitchers won't throw a hard, jamming fastball at a coach or teammate standing in the batter's box.

In Stock
Price From: $299.00
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