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AS Tee Batting Tee | The Advanced Skills Tee

  • Teaches proper swing path
  • Adjusts to cover entire strike zone
  • Eliminates common faults
  • Adjusts from 24"- 40" high
  • It's tough - 2 year warranty
In Stock
  • JP's Favorite!
  • Teaches "Hands Inside The Ball"!
  • Teaches Proper High To Low Swing Path!


Our (AST) Advanced Skills Tee has a unique, patented design that trains hitters to develop a quick, compact swing. This tee is a practice station & training aid, it cures casting & dipping, two by-products of poor swing mechanics.

Developed by a high school coach, the tee's forward arm eliminates uppercut-type swings and the outside barrier will prevent a looping swing. The ball (use any type) is placed on a brush cup holder that lets you hit it cleanly with no shock to the bat or hands. You can hit the ball anywhere in the strike zone, since the tee height can be adjusted from 24 to 40 inches and the forward arm is movable.

Made of durable polyurethane, the same material used to make dimpled pitching machine balls, the Advanced Skills Tee easily withstands high bat speeds, team practices and outdoor weather conditions. The tee's base can be filled with sand or water for extra stability, and the entire tee can quickly be disassembled for storage & transportation.

What JP Says about the AS Tee Batting Tee | The Advanced Skills Tee

Coach JP Says:

I like tools that teach proper mechanics just by using the product.that's why I have chosen this product for your consideration and recommend it without hesitation!

Many times the coach or dad does not know exactly how to teach specific mechanics and corrections. Why not let the Advanced Skills Tee do the teaching! Here's how:

  1. The Forward Arm
  2. The forward arm eliminates dropping the hands and trailing shoulder (or for that matter. pulling up with the front shoulder) as young players tend to try to lift the ball instead of swinging on a high to low path. When the player tries to uppercut the ball, he will likely hit the back of the arm. Players and coaches get immediate feedback when they swing incorrectly.

  3. The Outside Barrier
  4. The flexible outside barrier gives the player and coach immediate feedback when hands and arms get too far away from the body. When swinging incorrectly, the end of the bat will hit this barrier telling the hitter that she is taking a swing that will be too slow and prevent her from using all the natural power that she possesses. The idea here is that a short, quick path to the ball will create a short, quick and more powerful swing, no matter the age or size of the player. When a hitter swings correctly, the ball will fly off the tee with maximum velocity.

    Note: You can even set the ball & tee for practicing hitting pitches that are outside of the strike zone!

The Bottom Line

Tee work can and should be stressed from Little League through College ball. This is a creative softball training device that will give you a complete tee station when combined with one of our hitting nets or batting cages.

The Advanced Skills Tee is tough enough for high school or college fastpitch programs... so it certainly will hold up in any backyard or travel ball setting; even when left outside.


What Do Coaches Say?

"Our team trains daily on the Muhl Tech Advanced Skills Tee. The forward arm and outside barrier helps our players create a proper swing plane and stay short to the ball. These tees are extremely durable and the brush cup ball holder is a great idea, they have held up for years. I would recommend them to any baseball program."

- Stan McKeever, Head Coach at 2004 National Champion La Cueva High School in Albuquerque, NM

"Immediately upon seeing the tee, I noticed the bad habits that could be corrected with the simple design it employs. The AST has become an important teaching tool for Lafayette High Baseball. One pleasant surprise has been the durability."

- Jay Domengeaux, Head Coach at Lafayette High School in Louisiana

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
Warranty Details You may wear it out but i doubt you will break it! --JP
Maximum Height 40"
Minimum Height 24"
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
The Forward Arm

You don't hit the ball over the center of the plate, like normal batting tees suggest. You make contact in front of the plate, and the movable forward arm can position the ball anywhere across the strike zone, which realistically represents inside and outside pitch locations. The arm actually points in the direction to drive the ball based on the pitch location set-up, teaching hitters to hit the ball where it's pitched.

Forward Arm and Outside Barrier

The forward arm design also eliminates "dipping" or dropping the hands and trailing shoulder. If you "dip" with the AST, you hit the back of the arm. This forces you to take the bat straight down to the ball, leveling the swing at the point of contact.

The Outside Barrier

Prevents the long, "casting" swing that occurs when the arms are extended too far from the body.

If a player's bat or arms are extended prematurely the bat head will slap the flexible upright barrier post. This simple barrier teaches the concept of "keeping the hands inside the ball" and coaches no longer have to place the tee adjacent to a fence or screen to force hitters to compact their swing.

The outside barrier rotates around the tee to accommodate left or right-handed hitters and it moves with the forward arm to force hitters to rotate their hips and torso and extend their hands only at the point of contact.

Brush Cup Ball Holder

Brush cup ball holder

The actual ball holder is made from brush bristles, which works equally well for holding softballs, wiffle or poly balls. This custom cup brush is 10 times more durable than traditional rubber tube ball holders. Plus, the brush gives hitters a clean "swish" through the ball with no shock to their hands from the bat.

Durable Construction

The tubing is molded from polyurethane, a flexible material like rubber, but 10 times more durable. Polyurethane is a great material for products that must withstand impact and stress yet remain flexible, like batting tees. This premium material is why the Advanced Skills Tee will last many times longer than a traditional rubber tee.

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