Common Baseball Training Aids Terms

Baseball Training Aids, Baseball Training Equipment – devises that assist players to improve quickly

Baseball Tubing – Thick rubber bands, some w/ attached balls, handles or wrist closures. Used to warm & strengthen hands, arms & shoulders. A vital component of pre-hab training and rehab physical therapy

Batting Nets aka Catch Nets – A net & frame to contain batted or thrown balls 

Batting Tees – batting trainers that help batters isolate & improve swing mechanics by removing pitch speed & movement

Batting Stations – a self contained batting tee or soft toss machine & a catch net

Overload Training – Heavier than game tools for strength building

Radar Guns – Devises to measure pitch speed and best used for teaching changes in speeds

Soft Toss Machines – Solo machines that soft toss multiple balls so players can swing without stopping

Soft Toss Stations – A solo player station created when adding a catch net to a soft toss machine

 Underload Training – Under-weighted aids to improve quickness


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