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The Hurricane Portable Catch Net

Hurricane Catch Net
  • The travel baseball & backyard baseball net
  • Large 7.5 ft wide -telescopes to 7.5 ft high
  • Withstands 90 mph winds & fully waterproof
  • Weighs only 11 pounds & easily fits in car trunk
  • Easy installation - Quick set-up & tear down
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  • Withstands 90 mph winds
  • Weighs only 11 pounds
  • 2 year guarantee
What JP Says about the The Hurricane Portable Catch Net

The lightest, most portable net we've found! Easy to set up and quick to take down, the Hurricane Net is perfect for pre-game, practice or backyard. Goes perfect with Wheeler Dealer soft toss machine. This is a necessity for every backyard and travel team.

It's amazing how many Hurricane Nets you see in California Softball!

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
Catch Net Height 7.5'
Catch Net Width 7.5'
Net Material Nylon

What You Get

The Hurricane Catch Net Comes With:

  • Pole vaulting strength "twist lock" fiberglass telescoping masts for easy installation
  • Large 7 1/2' x 7 1/2' x 3 1/2' #21 Nylon netting
  • Strong 800 lb. test parachute strapping
  • Durable Tuffgrip 5/16" x 8" steel hook spikes
  • Free Carrying Case

In Stock
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