Starting Line-up for Success

P.  Have a Program Philosophy

  • Set goals and high expectations (win state)
  • Make the team a family
  • Build it from the ground upC.  Off-Season Conditioning
  • Weights, running, open gym
  • Summer baseball
  • Summer camps1B.  Find Good Help and Use It
  • Delegate authority
  • Use all your resources
  • Find volunteers (coaches, batting practice pitchers, fungo hitters)2B.  Start a Booster Club or Parent’s Organization
  • Fundraising
  • Get parents involved in a positive way
  • Involve alumni3B.  Respect the Game
  • Facilities: take care of them, no one else will
  • Uniform: look like a player, wear the uniform right
  • Practice uniforms: builds unity, discipline and looks goodSS.  Have a Practice Plan and Post It
  • Organize a time schedule and follow it
  • Know what you need to accomplish
  • Keep it moving
  • Post it at school so players can see and know what to expectLF.  Travel
  • Take a spring trip
  • Schedule an out-of-town tournament
  • Team bonding time
  • Prepare for state playoffsCF.  Stress Fundamentals Early and Often
  • Expect them to know NOTHING
  • Teach basic fundamentals before game skills
  • Sacrifice wins early if necessary to have success late
  • Minimize scrimmage time or create more useful scrimmagesRF.  MOTIVATE, MOTIVATE, MOTIVATE
  • Post motivational quotes
  • Find what makes each player tick
  • Teach them how to compete
  • Teach them how to deal with failureDH.  Never stop learning
  • Attend clinics
  • Read books
  • Watch videos
  • Use all of your resources
  • Steal ideas from other coaches
  • Take your team to watch a college game or practice
  • If you don’t know it, learn it or don’t teach it!

    Michael Hunt is the head baseball coach at Eureka High School in Missouri. This article appeared in the May 2002 issue of From The Dugout and was reprinted courtesy of the National High School Baseball Coaches Association.

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