Sports Hydration – For Peak Sports Performance

Proper hydration during any exercise or sports activity is important for optimal performance

Why is it important to stay hydrated playing sports?

Performance in any sport relies on staying properly hydrated. The body requires not only an ample amount of water to remain hydrated, during extended activity, it also requires carbohydrates, potassium and sodium. If your sports activity is longer than 60 minutes or requires intense exercise, you will need to form a hydration plan.

You can maintain fluid balance with water, sports drinks and foods such as watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, citrus, etc. to keep you hydrated. If you are practicing all day long, having a variety of ways to keep hydrated will keep your body going and help you to focus on the game.

Some signs of dehydration during sports activities can include-

• Loss of coordination
• A decline in energy
• Muscle fatigue
• Muscle cramping
• Loss of focus
• Reduction of performance or ability

Establishing hydration breaks to replace the fluids lost during sports activity is important to keep you at your maximum performance. It is recommended to intake 4-8 ounces of fluid every 15-20 minutes to remain hydrated, depending on your body weight.

6 Player Rolling Sports Hydration Station Front View

For best performance, proper hydration is key in any exercise or sports program. To go the distance and be at your best in any sport activity, know how to stay hydrated with adequate fluid intake.

Hydration Timing
Fluid intake recommendations before, during and after practice

When & How Much
Before exertion 2 to 3 hours before: 16 ounces (about 1 water bottle)
15 minutes before: 8 ounces
During exertion 4 ounces of fluid every 15 to 20 minutes (2 to 3 large gulps)
After exertion 16 to 20 ounces of fluid for every pound lost (1 to 1½ water bottles per pound lost)

Weigh yourself before and after you exercise to get a sense of how much fluid you typically lose.


Water intoxication, or drinking too much water, was a concern of the “drink, drink, drink” mantra and now recommendations are suggested to, “Drink Less.” For many exercisers, water intoxication is a very real and very serious complication from drinking too much water.

At Baseball Tips, we have sourced quality hydration and cooling products for your team or sports program. We have included some below. Click here to see our full line of Sports Hydration & Cooling products in our field equipment section.

Practical Hydration Stations & Cooling Fans

The 6 player Constant Chill Water Cart is a 2 wheel all-purpose cart with larger 10″ turf tires that carries a 10-gallon cooler that’s been lined with copper cooling coils. It will deliver a team’s worth of constantly chilled cold water!
Just attach your standard garden hose and fill it
with ice to get a constant flow of cold water that’s delivered through 6 coiled, retractable drinking hoses with nozzle shut-offs. Great for all sports teams where hydration can be limited to one area of the playing field.

The 8 Player A-Frame Drinking Tree is a “swingset frame-design” with coiled hose & nozzles with shut-offs. Legs detach for easy daily transport. Just add your hose to the inline filter and you have a team station for quicker water breaks. The extra room is great for football teams in full uniforms!

The Rechargeable 8 Player Hydration Tanker is a 35-gallon water tank mounted on a 4 wheel cart to serve larger numbers of players such as in a typical football team program. Allows for anywhere water where no electrical power is available. Includes a top shelf for your water bottles and can be towed or pushed to practice field or sidelines.

The Tidi-Cooler Stand will look familiar to any golfer. It’s a mounted cooler stand above and a wastebasket below to discard paper cups. Offered with or without 5 gal. cooler. Great for everywhere from dugout, sideline or a factory warehouse floor!

The Team Rolling Water Cooler Cart is a simple cooler cart that will accept your 5 or 10 gallon igloo-style cooler and includes a wire rack below that will hold your paper cups, team towels or misc. An economical solution for quick water breaks

The Powered Misting Fan is our popular rolling misting station that lowers temperature from 10-20 degrees up to 50 ft. away. Just fill the tank and plug it in to cool an entire dugout or bench of players. A simple buy-it-once product that you cannot believe you have lived without!

View Our Entire Line of Sports Hydration & Cooling Equipment

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