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RevFire Radar - Baseball Spin Rate Trainer

RevFire For Baseball
  • More Spin = More Movement!
  • Pitchers Get Immediate Feedback
  • Evaluates Every Pitch Thrown  
  • Improves All Ages & Skill Levels
  • Simple, Brilliant, Unique Training Devise 
  • Check Out Our Video Below!

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Please call to complete your order at 1-800-487-7432.
  • Measure Pitch Speed & Rate of Spin
  • Improve Your Breaking Ball Immediately
  • Includes 2 Rev Fire Balls & Carry Case
  • Includes Rev Fire Digital Coaches Monitor
  • Important Users Manual For Better Coaching
  • AA Batteries Keeps It Simple

Product Video

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For Pitchers: Now pitchers get instant feedback and make adjustments in real time, all for more effective training.

For Coaches: Now you can evaluate previously intangible pitching skills and back it with hard numbers.

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What JP Says about the RevFire Radar - Baseball Spin Rate Trainer

Coach JP says..


The greater the spin rate, the better your breaking ball. Whether your money pitch is a 12-6 curveball, a power curve or a slider you can get more bite and good late movement by increasing the rate of spin.

Pitcher's who can be fed this data are at a great advantage, it follows the same reasoning as why we all use a radar gun. Show them with numbers, quantify it, and they will buy into it. This is a buy-it-once and use-it-forever piece of training equipment. I only regret not offering it sooner.


“Our RevFire is a valuable tool in fall training. We can accurately gauge breaking ball performance and focus attention where needed. The RevFire feedback results in measurable improvement. I would recommend it to any coach".

Brent Kemnitz - Pitching Coach Wichita State University


"I have found the RevFire to be an invaluable tool in helping my students.  Many coaches have focused on a 
pitcher’s speed and control because they are easily measured. Now coaches have a tool that can measure 
spin rate which directly corresponds to the amount of movement possible for each pitch. I can envision RPS 
being as common in judging pitchers in the future as MPH is today."  
Mike White
- Head Coach University of Oregon
- USA Men’s National Team 1995 – 2007
- New Zealand National Team 1982- 1996

"The Revfire product is a great teaching resource. It helps young pitchers learn the importance of spin and 
ball rotation through providing immediate and easy to understand feedback. Young pitchers want tangible 
feedback in order to stay motivated to improve, and the RevFire does that."
Mark Smith
- Head Coach Canadian Senior Men’s National Team

“Controlled velocity, axis of rotation and total number of rotations are variables that determine ball movement. 
If you want to grab a player's attention put numbers into the conversation! Rev Fire technology dramatically 
focuses attention and calibration on the efficiency in which the ball exits the hand. As our students master 
their cut fastballs, change ups and curves using the Rev Fire, they quickly discover if those releases are 
effective or ineffective. As a result they obtain accurate ball revolutions per second which they can compare 
and judge improvement. In a short period of time we have experienced great results with 10 to 60 year old 
John Pinkman
- Founder and Coach, Pinkman Baseball Academy

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Details We have not had even 1 return!
Area of Focus Confidence, Muscle Memory, Pitch Command, Pitch Control
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