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   Weatherproof Surfaces & Wood Core
   Game White Hard Rubber Plate Top
   Black Beveled Rubber Edges & Sides
   Regulation Size & Specs


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The Home Plate You Want

A home plate filled with incredibly dense wood and surrounded by molded rubber is one of the most popular high-end homeplates we have offered. Chances are that you probably haven’t noticed it simply because it lives buried in 3 inches of dirt. At 26 lbs., you can see that it’s the real deal.

This is the traditional wood bottom home plate with a top surface of classic hard rubber. It is official regulation size and the heavy-duty quality will last many seasons.
Our Wood-Filled Homeplate will hold up to the rough traffic of cleats for enough seasons that you will likely not ever replace it.

Why Is This Official Size Home Plate So Durable?

A solid wood block is shaped, sanded & dipped then covered with a non-porous heavy bright white rubber material. The black bevel-edges and sides frame the bright white plate, reducing any chances that a player’s cleats or uniform will catch during a slide.

    • Full traditional solid wood filling endures repeated plays at the dish
    • Bright white non-porous dense hard rubber designed for seasons of outdoor use
    • Black beveled edges & sides keep players safe by reducing the chance of cleats catching
    • Official length & width dimensions & 3 in. tall | 26 lbs.


If this product is within your budget, I would consider it strongly or our all rubber waffle-bottom model.
Neither is better, It’s really a personal choice.

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park


Another Great Choice In This Price & Quality Range!
Waffle Bottom Homeplate

This waffle bottom all rubber home plate has become more popular over the last years.
The plate bottom is honeycomb rubber, making it a bit lighter & absolutely impervious to any weather. One-piece mold means all surfaces are solid rubber.