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Save On Pro Quality Baseball Mat Turf In Sizes For Anywhere On The Diamond

Baseball mat sizes are available here in the standards most need but can be cut for your specific needs too. (yes, it adds to cost). Our pro batters mat turf pieces are great BP baseball mats that are really useful & will save you on a ton of landscaping from the added damage of temporary practice stations and drills that cause so much daily wear. Though I have always used the larger home plate stance mats, these smaller pieces make it easier for hitting fungo or for temporary tee and toss stations. Keep in mind that for daily, portable stations, the smaller mats have less size so less weight compared to our 6′ x 12′ full home plate stance mats so one person can handle them easily.  


What Makes A High-Quality Batters Mat

Think of baseball mats as you think of carpet. They are built in 12 ft and  15 ft widths of various quality of either nylon or polyethylene. What you see in a big box do it yourself store is basic and frankly, cheap. As such, it is certainly not of the quality for the daily needs of baseball or fastpitch players and the ballfields they play on.

I have spent countless hours at turf manufacturing plants (damn, I need a life) and driven plant managers nuts with my never-ending questions.
The reason I do this is that I’ve thrown out so many parts and pieces before their time that I have grown weary of saving money for baseball junk I end up replacing too soon. So, count on a good product that will last for many seasons whether used indoors or left outside all year.


I hope my thoughts have helped you decide the best batters mat for you!

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips

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Baseball Mat Standard Sizes & Uses 

  • 3 x 5 – economical youth baseball mat for LH or RH batters box (sold in pairs)
  • 3 x 7 – fastpitch softball batters box size for LH or RH batters box (sold in pairs)
  • 4 x 6 – baseball batters box size for LH & RH batters box (sold in pairs)
  • Custom Sizes Available By Calling Us Toll Free At 770-487-9798 (10-7 EST)

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