Triple Play Pro | 3 Wheel Automatic Pitching Machine | Variable Pitches From 40-90 MPH

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Need Baseballs, Softballs or Dimple Balls! Choose Here

Triple Play Pro | 3 Wheel Automatic Pitching Machine

  Mix Fastballs, Curves, Sliders, Velo & Location
  3 Wheels For Added Accuracy Up To 90+ MPH
  You Control BP – It’s Stronger Faster Better
See Our Video Below… You’ll Be Convinced!
  NOW! REDUCED SHIP COST! (save $200!)


Made In USA


Programmable Automatic Pitching Machines | The 21st Century Is Here

It’s taken me a long while to come around to the idea of a 3 wheel automatic pitching machine; probably because 2 wheel pitching machines have been around for so long & they really work just fine. But, like your old computer & flip phone, you are happier when you finally replace that old “habit”.

Although you can live without a 3 wheel pitching machine, it is easier to switch between pitches and quicker to fine-tune, too. There also tends to be more accurate, with the ball being gripped on 3 sides… less power transfer is needed with 3 motors instead of 2! The design also allows batters to see the pitch all the way to the “release point” so it’s never out of sight… a nice feature to help with batter’s timing a criticism of all-wheel pitching machines.

Push Button Pitch Selection & Only 30 Seconds Between Pitch Change

This automatic batting machine model will get your attention for its push-button ease as well as the 3 wheel design. (check out the close-up picture of the control panel and you will see the distinct benefits.

And if you like the concept but balk at the price tag, you may want to check out the sister Triple Play Basic Pitching Machine. Virtually the same guts but with traditional hand-turned dials and speed controls (for around $1,000 less)… a great buy!

  • Throws Leather & Dimple Balls From 40-90 MPH
  • Includes Transport Wheels For Easy Transport
  • Solid Made In USA Construction & 3 Yr/ Warranty
  • Optional External Battery Pack – 4 Continuous Hours
  • Available In A Baseball Or Softball Model


Notes From The Manufacturer:


It’s Batting Practice Made Easier! Simply push a button & choose the type of pitch you want.
The Triple Play Pro pitching machine can automatically throw FASTBALLS, SINKERS, CURVES & SLIDERS. The pitch speed is adjustable from 40 to 90 MPH in 5 MPH increments and is digitally displayed.


Visibility… The Baseball is visible from the time it leaves the feeder’s hand until it is pitched, unlike two-wheel pitching machines in which the ball is hidden by the throwing wheels before being pitched. This allows the hitter to more naturally time the pitches.

Accuracy… Triple Play Pro’s three-wheel pitching mechanism is more accurate than two wheels with the more gripping surface is put on the ball. Time. The three-wheel design requires significantly less movement of the throwing mechanism to produce different pitches than does a two-wheel machine. Oversized knobs for height and direction control help quickly fine-tune pitch location, so changing pitches takes less than 30 seconds.

Use It All Over The Field… You will use your Triple Play Pro in the batting cage for batting practice and on the field for both batting and fielding practice. TriplePlay Pro’s versatility allows your fielders to practice both ground balls and fly balls. Triple Play Pro is also simple to transport. Just set it down & use the built on transport wheels to push it across the field. Triple Play Pro can pitch regulation baseballs & dimple baseballs too!


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