A Baseball Hitting Net That Slides Away | The Zip Net Catch Net

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Baseball Field Equipment Check Box GraphicTurn Garage Or Basement into A Batting Station

Baseball Field Equipment Check Box GraphicLarge 12′ L x 8.5′ H Tough Nylon Net

Baseball Field Equipment Check Box GraphicFits Your Garage Or Basement

Baseball Field Equipment Check Box GraphicIncludes Hardware – Nothing Else To Buy

Baseball Field Equipment Check Box GraphicEZ Set Up


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Check Out This Unique Baseball Hitting NetCoach JP Review Icon

A baseball hitting net must be convenient to use… or they just don’t get used!
The Zip Net is simple to use and makes a great solo batting practice station. Just set this up this baseball catch net in your garage or basement and with the aid of a batting tee or soft toss machine such as our original EZ Toss you can practice your baseball or softball swing any time, and when done, just slide it out of the way.


Turn Your Garage Or Basement Into A Solo Batting Station

The tough nylon (our strongest material) net is a very large 12′ long by 8½’ high and made to absorb ball impact so that collection remains easy. It’s guaranteed to withstand regular daily use for at least 3 years! You can hit into either side with a size that should handle your mis hits too.


A Baseball Hitting Net System That’s Simple To Install In 10+ Minutes with 2 people

  • Your baseball catch net includes all the hooks, stops, and hardware you need to easily install the Zip Net. There’s nothing else to buy!

  • Includes 25′ of rustproof cable, which is enough to span the typical 24′ two-car garage. The wire is already threaded through the Zip Net’s sliding mechanism.

  • The simple of it is… screw-in the eyebolts, run & clamp the cable, pull the net into place and hit!


A Baseball Hitting Net That’s Just As Simple To Use

When considering this product, think of it as a shower curtain that slides in and out of use. This makes it so easy to set up and take down while leaving such a small footprint that really doesn’t require you to haul it anywhere… and don’t forget, it really won’t require a dedicated place to store it. This may be the most innovative product my friend John Meade has ever invented. 

1. Slide away from wall                          2. Hook net into place               3. Weigh down w/ 2 water bottles       

ZIP Net Baseball Hitting Net                                Zip Net Catch Net With Baseball & Softball Players                          


I hope my thoughts have helped you consider this unique baseball hitting net

Coach John Peter JP Baseball Tips

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