The Pitchers Pocket Pitching Target For Training Baseball & Softball Players!

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 A Unique Solo Pitching Target With 4, 9 or 12 Pockets
 Tough Enough For Training College & Pro Pitchers
Height Adjusts 2′ For Focused Bullpen & Infield Drills
Improves Pitcher’s Focus, Location & Accuracy

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This Unique Baseball Pitching Target Tests Your Pitcher's AccuracyCoach JP Review Graphic

A Pitching Target Builds Real Pitchers! Not every pitcher is blessed with a powerful pitching arm but the sport has known some incredibly successful pitchers who can change speeds and consistently hit their spots…something every baseball & fastpitch softball pitcher can do & improve! Add some deception and you can successfully pitch for a long time! My favorite baseball training aids involve players getting immediate feedback and this pitching target does exactly that. Making slight changes in arm action, grip, foot-plant or delivery can make a career and the original 9 hole pitchers pocket has done this for countless pitchers. Now, we offer alternatives for those who have other needs and desires; all using this incredibly tough frame & net that mimics the actual strike zone.

Who Needs A Pitching Target With Multiple Pocket Holes? 

There's A Model For All Pitchers I like the 4 hole model for younger, less experienced pitchers. The 9+ hole & higher models provide a more defined strike zone of targets for a more advanced pitcher to focus & improve accuracy. Remember, the plate may be 17 inches wide but when you show consistency to an'll get the call a ball or 3 off the plate...Better be practicing that as well! Many pitching coaches purposely preach dividing the strike zone into 3rds with the batter controlling the middle and successful pitchers living on the inner and outer 3rds. You show an umpire that you can hit your spots with consistency… you will get those borderline calls; Again, umpires are known to stretch the strike zone a ball or 3 wider for consistent pitchers! That's who should own the 9 Hole Pitchers Pocket!

Look How Tough The Pitching Target Is Made

A 1 5/8” rustproof tubular steel frame is covered with outdoor padding & team color, weather-resistant vinyl. The legs are detachable & tough enough for all age & skill levels. The pro strength netting is dipped in weather-resistant coating and will last through many seasons of your toughest baseball or softball drills and bullpens. Bungee dividers are oversized for longest wear strength. All are replaceable if ever needed. Great For Infielders, Catchers & Pickoffs Too!  2 Feet Of Adjustable Heights Allow For Various Fielders Drills
  • Up Telescope... use it as a 1st base target
  • Down Telescope... place it at home plate, 2nd base, 3rd base
My favorite training purchases also are those that my entire team can use for multiple drills and for multiple positions. Raising the pitchers pocket adjustable legs and placing it on 1st base and I have an extra 1st baseman for my infielders... and for pitchers to work on their throwing accuracy to bases. Placing it on 2nd or 3rd base and I have a consistent target for some PFP drills for my pitching staff without wasting one of my pitchers to mindlessly act as a target.  Pro Quality Pitch Training Target - Built Team ToughThe Pitcher's Pocket Pitching Target For Baseball-8779 Immediate Feedback For Real-Time Adjustments Your Solo Pitching Station - No Catcher Needed Tough Adjustable Height Steel Frame & Heavyweight UV Treated Net Use Indoor or Outdoor - On Field or Batting Cage

The Pitchers Pocket Pitching Target Models - In Summary

All Models Constructed of 1 5/8 in. rustproof galvanized steel frame & legs that adjust to add 2 ft. in height. Pockets are laced with weatherproof #60 nylon net to a 1/2 in. bungee cord. Frames are protected with vinyl covered foam & reinforced with brass grommets Includes plastic foot cups to resist scratching gym floors Ships Fully Assembled The 4 Hole Pitchers Pocket 50" H x 40" W 1 5'8" Galvanized Steel Frame & Legs The 9 Hole Pitchers Pocket 45" H x 35" W 1 5'8" Galvanized Steel Frame & Legs Remember… It’s Location, Movement… And Then Velocity! I hope these comments have helped you see the advantages of this fine & fun training product! John Peter Signature  


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