The Heater Deuce 2 Wheel Pitching Machine | Our Lowest Cost 2 Wheel Models


   Fastballs & Curves Up To 75 MPH Or 95 MPH
   Pivots To Throw LH & RH Breaking Balls Too
   Ball Feeder Allows For 9 Second Solo Swings
   Fully Enclosed Wheels Provide Extra Safety

  1 year warranty   

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A Heater Deuce 2 Wheel Pitching Machine For Under $1,000 Dollars?

JP ReviewThe Heater Deuce 2 Wheel Pitching Machine is not only the lowest price 2 wheel pitching machine on the market, it now has a more powerful sister-model and BOTH are still under a grand!
They are virtually identical with the main differences being a 75 MPH vs. 95 MPH maximum speed… & a cost difference.

Is The Heater Deuce As Good As Our Pro 2 Wheel Pitching Machines?

Of course not! Both models are made of lighter materials and not recommended for a team of high school or college baseball players or a baseball training facility where many players are hitting day after day for months on end! Those applications need pro quality tools just like any heavy use business would!

But The Heater Deuce Pitching Machine will deliver as advertised and matches up well with our Xtender Backyard Batting Cages or another of our batting cage offerings. Just remember that it takes some room to make a curveball break so if you are considering The Xtender, look at the 36 ft. or longer model and avoid the similar-looking Power Alley Batting Cage models… they are meant for the younger player who likely does not need to see a curveball just yet.

My Heater Deuce Pitching Machine Summary

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked for a less expensive 2 wheel pitching machine.
Until this Heater Deuce 2 wheel baseball pitching machine came on to the market, there was nothing within hundreds of this cost!

If this is in your budget and a pro 2 wheel pitching machine is not… I’d be all over it… Your players will simply get better by seeing thousands of curveballs… or you can try and pitch them instead… and good luck with that shoulder surgery…LOL!


I hope my thoughts have helped you make your best decision.

heater pitching machine and batting cage  


Some Heater Deuce Benefits

   Free Automatic Ball Feeder… makes it great for solo player practice
   Both Are Lighter Than Pro Models At 60 & 90 lbs… so easy to move & setup
  The Dual Speed Controls Give You Greater Control.. the pivoting heads make curve balls easy to thro


Some Heater Deuce Features

  Pivot-Head Design
  Pitches Up To 75 MPH or 95 MPH
  12 Ball Automatic Feeder
  Fully Enclosed Wheels
  Adjustable Pitch Height
  Tubular Steel Legs with Rubber Tips
  Uses Standard A/C Power


Notes From The Heater Deuce Manufacturer

Take your game to a whole new level with the Deuce 75 or Deuce 95 MPH 2 Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine.
With Heater Sports innovative Pivot-Head design you’ll be hitting outside breaking balls, inside breaking balls, and fastballs like a pro.
The Deuce also includes an automatic ball feeder that holds 12 baseballs. The Deuce plugs directly into any standard wall outlet or third party battery packs may be available for convenience. Dual speed controls allow you to adjust each wheel independently for a variety of pitches at speeds of up to 75 or 95 MPH, dependant on which model. Use the Deuce with the optional Xtender Home Batting Cages and you’ll be hitting balls anytime you want, right in your own backyard.