The Armed & Ready Baseball Tubing Throwing Program - by Alan Jaeger

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Need Extra J-Bands For Your Team?

Learn The Arm Care Secrets You Need!

  Long Toss – Listen To Your Arm
 Arm Circles – Warms Small Muscles
 Learn The Thrower’s 10 Exercises

2 Yr Pro Rated WarrantyLowest Price Guaranteed!

Coach JP Review IconThe Thrive On Throwing Baseball Tubing Program

It is so disappointing to see & hear about all these great young talents breaking; at rates we had not seen in previous generations! Though I don’t give medical advice, I sure have watched many big-name pitchers we all love to see have long careers without serious arm injury; Jaeger’s guys tend to be many of them. These guys seem to go the post every 5 days with many throwing 200 plus innings, season after season. Though nothing is a guarantee in this game, the mounting evidence I note is right in front of me; I see these guys do it! Baseball tubing programs are almost mandatory for preserving today’s growing arms!

“Just Follow the Directions On The Package!”Jaeger Band Demonstrated

  1. Do The Arm Circles – Perfectly!
  2. Do The J Band Exercises – Consistently!
  3. Do The Unique Long Toss Program – Frequently!


Stop The Tommy John Surgery Madness! Baseball Tubing Helps.

No matter how many big league pitchers break down and are able to resume productive careers 18-24 months later, there is no reason to minimize the true cost of this injury.

1st, not every big leaguer does come back, and not all come back with the same level of ability. Next, those are big-league athletes who are receiving the best of everything and receiving a paycheck and the best support and rehab that only those on that level have access to.

Besides, can you really afford two seasons away from baseball if you are not in that category?  The rehab is a grueling day after day process involving a lot of pain and sweat and done in isolation from friends and teammates… it is not easy.

The very fortunate younger players who begin this program have even more years to do the right thing by their throwing arm.
Here’s To Hoping The Next Great Pitching Story is… YOU!

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A systematic throwing program designed to help players and coaches understand what steps must be taken to develop and sustain a strong, durable, accurate, and injury-free arm. The Jaeger throwing program and J-Band exercise routine have been adopted by over 200 professional players, including Cy Young winners Clayton Kershaw & Barry Zito, college national champs Vandy to Oregon State,  UCLA & Cal State Fullerton!  And now… for High School baseball programs across the country!



Jaeger Thrive On Throwing 2 DVD


This video (you can download) will take you through every step of Alan Jaeger’s innovative Arm, Health, Strength and Conditioning Program.
It will teach you how to strengthen your arm by developing the smaller muscles (rotator cuff) in your shoulder, which are the most vulnerable to injury. Through “arm circles” and a systematic baseball tubing exercise program, the shoulder muscles gain a greater range of motion, balance, endurance & stability. You will learn how to solidify your mechanics so they become supportive, efficient and consistent! The video concludes with Alan’s trademark long toss program, a throwing routine that is at the core of developing arm strength, arm speed, release point consistency, and mental focus.
A must for anyone who is serious about playing baseball at the highest level. The health & longevity of your arm is your lifeline as a ballplayer!

Jaeger Band J Band


J-Bands (aka Jaeger Bands)

The mandatory tool for the health, strength, and endurance of your pitching arm, the J-band allows you to perform 10 different exercises to strengthen all of the muscle groups in your arm and shoulder. These baseball tubing exercises are demonstrated in the Thrive on Throwing Volume 2 DVD. Plus, you can perform them in the comfort of your own home as effectively as you can on the playing field. Extra or replacement J-Bands are always available along with money-saving team packs.





“The J-Band is a great tool for building and maintaining arm strength through the duration of a long season. I have been using the J-Band for the past three seasons, and have noticed a significant difference in my velocity and arm strength. I also notice the difference going into the later months of a season, as my velocity has not dropped from the beginning of the season.
Clayton Kershaw, Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers, 2011 & 2013 Cy Young Award Winner

The Hamels Foundation is excited to partner up with Jaeger Sports and their Arm Strength and Conditioning Program. Health, Strength, Endurance and Recovery Period are a priority to any player’s arm and that’s why we’ve made the J-Band Program an integral part of our Pitching Camps.
Cole Hamels, 2008 World Series MVP, Hamels Foundation Pitching Camps

“Jaeger Sports has shaped the foundation of our pitching philosophy here at Vanderbilt with J-Band work and Long Toss principles.  These 2 areas are implemented into each individual’s routine and the pitchers are passionate about both.  Because of this, I believe these 2 areas are crucial to the individual development of each pitcher.”
Scott Brown, Pitching Coach, Vanderbilt University, 2014 National Champions

“Jaeger Sports and their J-Band and Long Toss Throwing Program have made a tremendous impact on our pitching staff. Our Arm Care, Arm Strength, Endurance and just overall Performance has been quite noticeable since putting this program to use!  If you are serious about the performance of your pitchers on a daily basis, this is the program you need.”
Andy Lopez, Head Baseball Coach, University of Arizona, 2012 National Champions – Retired

“Working with Alan the last four years has made my arm very strong, durable and flexible and that’s something every pitcher wants and looks for.long toss is definitely the biggest part of my game.”
Barry Zito, Retired Oakland A’s & SF Giants CY Young Award Winner – Retired

“I would urge any coach, any parent, any player to take up this program — start it today because you are going to see amazing results, amazing development and it’s also going to prevent injuries.”
Gary Adams, UCLA Head Coach (1975-2004) – Retired

“Cal State Fullerton introduced the Jaeger throwing program with our pitching staff for the first time in 2004. We feel the program was very instrumental in helping us accomplish our national championship. Our pitchers became more educated on arm care, arm maintenance, arm exercises, and had more quality in their long toss program. We would recommend the program to any baseball team that is interested in reaching their potential.”
George Horton, Oregon head coach, former head coach Cal State Fullerton (2004 College World Series champs!)

“I’ve seen where Alan has taken a fringe, high school pitcher and turned him into a Division I caliber pitcher. If a kid is serious about baseball, this program will definitely increase his velocity and arm strength.”
Dale Sutherland, Anaheim Angels Scout

“Anytime you talk about attaining goals, you must first talk about developing your process and routine. The Jaeger Baseball Academy has found the routine to address both your physical and mental needs.”
Trevor Hoffman, San Diego Padres – Retired

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