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Rolling Team Water Cooler Cart & Optional 5 + 10 Gallon Igloo Coolers

  • team chilled water cooler cart & igloo cooler with Included cup dispenser
  • yellow igloo cooler in 5 & 10 gallon
  • Green Igloo Cooler In 5 & 10 Gallon Without Cup Dispenser
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  Our Simplest Portable Water Station

  Optional 5 or 10 Gal. Cooler & Cup Tube 

  Removable Wire Supplies Basket

  1″ Powder Coated Steel Frame

  Weatherproof For Indoors/Outdoors

  22”D x 26”W x 49”H – 30 lbs.

A Water Cooler Cart That’s Functional And AffordableCoach JP Review Icon

Our water cooler cart with optional igloo cooler is made of black powder-coat tubular steel construction. It has large, easy-roll 10″ tires & rolling wheels for easier frequent transporting. Holds up to the standard 5 or 10-gallon coolers and includes a supplies shelf to store cups, towels or whatever else you need at hand!

I find these particularly handy in youth baseball dugouts and soccer or football sidelines where team water supplies or fountains are inconveniently far away. Just having wheels-alone beats 2 players or parents hauling a full, heavy igloo cooler of water and ice long distances for pre-game, then back to its storage spot.

Warehouses & Factory Floors Really Like Our Rolling Water Cooler Cart!

Though originally built for indoor and outdoor sports teams, we have placed many a water cooler cart where industrial warehouses have hydration needs and on factory floors without air conditioning. Workers need easy access to quick water cooler breaks to reduce any loss of productivity, and this fits that bill.

This simple rolling water cooler cart is a hydration solution that works especially well for those on a budget but who need mobility too!

  • The Main Frame Is 1″ Steel Tube Construction
  • Rustproof Black Powder Coated Finish Resists Rust
  • Handy Supplies Shelf Can Also Be Used For Misc. Field or Court Needs

There really isn’t much more to say about this product; If it fits your hydration needs and budget, take advantage of our free ship offer!

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