Pro Baseball Cart For 300 Baseballs Or 150 Softballs & Now Includes Wheel Protectors!

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Availability: Available on backorder

Pro Baseball Cart For 300 Baseballs Or 150 Softballs

  Holds 300 Baseballs or 150 Softballs
  Easy-Roll Outdoor Tires & Wheels
  Coated Steel Rust Resistant Frame
  Heavy Weatherproof Net Basket
 36″ Height Saves Coaches Back
  NEW! Wheel Protector Covers!



A Pro-Style Rolling Baseball Cart For This Price?Coach JP Review Graphic

The best baseball cart I’ve ever seen is used at a lot of Spring Training and Big League parks and it really is nice!
The baseball model now costs over $400 and the softball model is over $500!

So, do our players become better hitters because of this fine piece of equipment… or do we just have the budget of our dreams, you know, like pro baseball? Well if that’s not lucky you, consider this fine piece of everyday equipment and for this price, consider buying two instead. 


At This Price, You Can Own 2 Very Well Built Pro Baseball Carts

I have never understood why some baseball caddy cost so much. They hold balls, sometimes pearls, but definitely not diamonds!
This is our most popular baseball cart… it will not make your players any better but will save a coach’s back, it holds tons of baseballs or softballs that will air dry at night and last for many seasons… all for a great price!
Consider one for your BP pitcher and a 2nd for your centerfield bucket tender. You won’t need a replacement for many many seasons!

I hope my thoughts have helped you to understand the value of this quality baseball cart!

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park

Here Are Some Notable Features Of Our Pro Style Baseball Cart

A Welded Powder Coated Frame- rustproof & lightweight & comfortable 3 ft. basket ht.
 Push Button Assembly- no tools needed
 Heavy Weather Proof Netting- won’t rot or mold
  Pneumatic No Flat Tires- rolls easily over infield dirt, crush n run & wet turf


Warranty 2 Year

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