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Team Drink Station With Filter Serves 8 Athletes | Your Lowest Price!

  • team drink station 8 player drinking tree
  • 8 player team sports hydration station drinking tree
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Availability: 99 in stock

  • 8 Station Team Drink Station – A Simple Solution
  • Galvanized Steel Frame Has Removable Legs – EZ Transport
  • Drinking Tubes With Auto Shut Offs & Retractable Hoses
  • Fresher Water With Include In-Line Filter (replacement available)
  • Simply Connect to Your Standard Water Hose (not included)

A Simple Inexpensive Team Drink Station Coach JP Review Icon

A team drink station is no luxury but rather is part of the daily toolkit of your athletic trainer and a real time saver for a coaching staff; not to mention a real difference-maker for your entire team of hard-working athletes! Sports hydration should have emphasis and a plan considering all phases of before during and after practices or games

Sports Hydration In The  21st Century Is A Lot Smarter Than The Good Old Days

I am no one to get medical advice from but having an easy, efficient sports hydration plan just makes for common sense. Gone are the days of metal buckets and dippers and sharing a mile-long garden hose. You now have many team hydration choices and we are offering a good, simple and larger capacity option here.

The shape of our team drink station lends itself to being left outside and one that can withstand elements, including wind.
The galvanized tube frame resists rusting and is light enough to simply remove the legs and carry it back to any inside storage. You simply set it up (or leave it up) and attach a typical garden hose to the intake hose. You now have 8 retractable stations so even padded up players can be hydrate all at once. The simple noncorrosive drinking tubes have simple on and off ability and retract when released.



Here’s The Basic Nuts & Bolts Of This Drink Station Tree

  • Galvanized Tubular Steel Frame Has Removable Legs For EZ Transport & Storage
  • Non-Corrosive PVC Drinking Tubes With Auto Shut Offs & Retractable Hoses
  • Includes An In-Line Filter Promotes Fresher Water (replacement filters and
  • 8 Players Served At One Time – Saves Valuable Coaching & Practice Time with shut-off nozzles
  • Simply Connect to Your Standard Water Hose (not included)
  • Large & Sturdy Enough – 43 Inch High x 53 Inch Long – A Very Portable 25 Pounds

If this option fits your program, you will have solved a recurring problem


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