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Good & Cheap Don’t Go Together
With Team Bench Purchases

Team bench brands and models are not all the same. They just all look good when you buy them. It’s time that tells the difference!
This is especially true when used as soccer benches and football benches that stay out in the elements.

I generally try to offer two competing brands or styles of most of our products.
But over the years and all the national trade shows and state baseball clinics that I have attended on my baseball journeys,
I haven’t found any superior aluminum team bench choices out there… for any price!

We offer all the choices in player and dugout team bench models that you could ever want. Plenty of sizes, mounting styles, and even team color choices!
All are top-quality anodized aluminum and now you can have them in team colors too. (Great for making visiting teams use your team colors… LOL)!
Considering that you will have them for so many seasons because of their top quality, you really get value plus, they are really priced right!

These natural aluminum team bench models are made in the USA from anodized aluminum and are available in lengths from
7 ½ feet long to 27 feet long (note there are no 27 footers in powder-coated team colors).
The seat planks and footboards are all 10″ deep, large enough for adults. Leg sections are really solid & rustproof, including the hardware.

Your  Team Bench Buying Instructions

  1. Choose Your Team Bench Length
    Think about the space itself 1st, then allow 18″ per adult ballplayer to find your ideal length
  2. Choose Your Plank Color
    Natural aluminum is your least cost while your team color adds a nice aspect to your dugout and ballfield. Know that we powder coat our natural aluminum to achieve these colors so it’s a great finish though steel spikes will scratch the color.
  3. Choose your Mounting Style *
    See Below For Your Specifics
  4. Then click our buy button with confidence…
    or call us toll-free with any questions. 800-487-7432 – 10 am-7 pm Mon-Fri  

* You will only need to decide which of the 3 mounting options you prefer:

Baseball Field Equipment Check Box Graphic   Permanent in-ground mount, if you are pouring fresh concrete
Baseball Field Equipment Check Box Graphic   Portable mount for the easiest choice to clean around or move
Baseball Field Equipment Check Box Graphic   Surface mount with pre-drilled feet for previously-poured concrete


I hope this helps you to make a more informed buying decision!

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park


An Overview

  • Our anodized aluminum team bench is available in lengths from 7 ½ feet long to 27 ft long
  • You will want to decide which of the 3 mounting options you prefer
    In-ground mount for fresh concrete, the surface mount where you will drill 4 holes per leg for existing concrete floors & portable mount for the ability to move your benches
  • Very popular as soccer benches too!
  • Our powder-coated team colors are not available in 27 ft models
  • Ships knocked-down – Easy assembly required
  • Anodized aluminum seats or powder-coated colors
  • Safety end caps Included – Superior finish work

Specs & FYI

  • Planks are 10″ deep with ribbed “no-slip surface”
  • Legs are heavy-duty 2 3/8″ OD galvanized steel
  • Team colors are powder-coated aluminum
  • UV treated poly safety end caps – no sharp edges to snag people & clothes
  • Shipped knocked down – some assembly required (no big project)
  • The surface mount will require drilling 4 holes per leg (no big project)
  • Ships by truck – we negotiated reasonable costs to you
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Best In Class – 5 yr limited warranty!

Available Colors
  • Forest Green
  • Team Red
  • Navy Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Natural Aluminum


  • 7.5 Feet
  • 15 Feet
  • 21 Feet
  • 27 Feet (not available in team colors)

Mount Types:

  • Portable Mount For Indoors & Outdoors On Any Surface
    this style is most popular when used as soccer benches
  • Surface Mount For Existing Concrete Floor
  • Permanent In-Ground Mount For Fresh Concrete Floors


Warranty 5 Year
Bench Back Regular Back