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Our Most Popular Team Baseball L Screen & Optional Wheel Kit

  • Our Most Popular 7' x 7' Pitchers L Screen Team Model & Removable legs & Coach JP
  • Baseball Screen Wheel Kit Fits Most
  • baseball screen wheel kit close up
  • Team Baseball L Screen Detachable Legs For Easier Storage & Transport Close Up
  • Team Quality L Screen With Detachable Legs Shown Up Close
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  Our Most Popular Size, Style & Price
  Tough 1.5″ Galvanized Rustproof Steel Frame
  Slip-On Style Double #42 Weatherproof Netting
  No-Wobble Detachable Legs & Optional Wheels

2 Yr Pro Rated Warranty 

Here’s Our Most Popular Baseball L Screen!JP Review

L Screen models are shaped the same, all mimicking the letter L. The standard & most popular size being 7’ H x 7’ W with a 3 1/2′ cutout. Though mostly used as a pitching screen, it can also be used to protect a pitching machine and the person feeding it too.

This popular galvanized steel pitchers protector screen has detachable legs, is rustproof, is easy to move and simple to store too!
The typical wobbly baseball screen frame that you likely have owned previously is no longer an issue based on this design!

The net is plenty heavy for most users and is simple to install by slipping it over the top of the easy-to-assemble frame so that you will actually have double strength protection. Your baseball net is also replaceable & readily available IF you someday need a replacement. (btw: be sure to examine your net for any failure before using).

Baseball Protective Screens Need Wheel Kits!

Baseball Screen WheelsI’ve never understood why more don’t add wheel kits to baseball net & field screen purchases!

The reality is that if you are constantly moving any protective screen and they get dragged and repeatedly dropped into place, they can easily begin to wobble from the area where the frame meets the legs;
even more so when utilized as a batting cage screen, where they’re frequently moved in & out of position, plus the constant reversing for LH vs RH batters!
Wheel kits are simply good investments!

An L-Screen is an affordable piece of baseball field equipment that you will want for daily BP.
This model is particularly well-built & is offered at a good price!

I hope my comments have helped you make your best buying decision.

coach JP with l screen

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Our Team Baseball L-Screen Summary

 Heavy Duty 1 ½” Galvanized Square Tube Steel Frame
 Slip-On Style Double #42 Weatherproof Netting
 Detachable Leg Stems For Easier Storage

Warranty1 Year
Net MaterialPolyethylene
Cutout Height3.5′
Cutout Width3.5′
Screen Height7′
Screen Width7′
Net Strength#42 Polyethylene
Weight25 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 in
Net Material

Net Strength


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