Swing Speed Radar Batspeed Detector

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Increase Your Batspeed!

Accurate! (+- 1 MPH)

For Golf Too!

Bat speed along with hand speed and foot speed are the cornerstones of the 5 tools that you hear referred to by coaches, scouts and TV announcers. Two of the 5 tools refer to hitting for average and hitting for power.

What would you give to know your bat speed and the ways to increase it?

I hope more than the cost of our Swingspeed Radar because this is the most inexpensive way I have ever seen to determine bat speed and, simply put, it's the easiest way I can imagine to make the adjustments every ballplayer needs to get quicker.. FYI: I find the simple drills in the instruction manual helpful. The Swing Speed Radar is compact and portable, making it great for baseball or fastpitch batting practice. It runs on AA batteries and sets up in seconds. It's so simple that it works with the press of just one button! It's warranted for 1 full year and I have yet to see one come back! Kids shouldn't have all the fun, and if there's a golfer in the family they'll be happy to know this unit works for golf as well as it does for baseball.

Bottom Line:

I have used and recommend this product and find that for individual or team use, it is a good investment. Bat speed measuring is often overlooked, but it's just as important as arm speed that is measured by radar guns!

My Recommendations:

I believe that every ballplayer becomes better when goals are set and consistency is practiced. I would recommend that you consider keeping up with a player's bat speed numbers...by date. This can be done easily using a notepad or spreadsheet. This is another way of a player getting it by seeing and appreciating the improvement that he or she makes. Practice time is a real commitment. Let's keep 'em going by letting them see their improvement. Coach JP Signature ~~Coach JP

How to Use

  • Indoor or outdoor, just hang it on a chainlink fence or wall, or you can use a standard camera tripod by simply screwing the Swing Speed Radar directly on to the tripod itself.
  • Applications will range from batting tee station work to soft toss drills to dry swings (swinging without a ball).
  • To use for golf, simply set it on the ground and prop it up with the built-in stand.

Where to Use

Practice with the Swing Speed Radar in the backyard, garage, basement or simply hook it up to a fence on the ballfield! It can be used with dry swings (without a ball), at a tee station, with our soft toss machines, or with your Dad, coach or hitting instructor.

Warranty1 Year
Radar Accuracy+/- 1 MPH
Radar Power SupplyBattery
Radar Top Speed99 MPH


4"w x 5.5"h x 2"deep - only 11 oz.

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Weight1 lbs
Radar Accuracy

Radar Power Supply

Radar Top Speed