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Sport Radar Gun & Optional Display | Perfect For Youth Baseball

  • Sport 3600 Radar Gun With Optional Display Kit-0
  • Sport 3600 Radar Gun With Optional Display Kit-9072
  • Sports Radar Gun Kit
  • Sports Radar Gun With Tripod
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  Our Most Inexpensive Full Featured Radar Gun
  Our Most Inexpensive Complete Optional Display
  Perfectly Suitable For Teams On A Budget
  Accurate from 0 to 2 MPH Of Any Pro Radar Gun
  Model 3600 for 60′ Ball Sensitivity | Model 3800 for 130′  

Made In USA1 year warranty seal  

A Youth Radar Gun May Be All You Need JP Review 

Here’s a radar gun series that’s not a toy, has plenty of bells n whistles, yet is still priced incredibly low! 

I have owned and used my original (older) Sport Radar 3600 speed gun for over 10 years and it’s still going strong!

The question most ask is why the best radar guns (Stalker Radar) cost so much more IF these units are so accurate?
I’m glad you asked…lol.
It’s not so much about accuracy as it is about sensitivity. And sensitivity relates to distance. (did the light just go on)?

Would I bring it to a pro park or large college ballpark?
No! I’d bring my Stalker Radar Gun. The distance is too great for my Sport Radar 3600 if I am in the stands and farther than around 60 ft. behind the pitcher OR catcher. I am likely to NOT get a reading… or accurate reading. So, as you can see, it’s more about what you need rather than any accuracy issues.

An Exceptional Baseball Radar Gun To Chart Fastballs & Develop A Quality Changeup!

The battery-operated Sport Radar Gun models are powered by two 9V batteries that last up to 20 hrs. (not included). We include a padded carry case with cut out foam and a 6V DC wall adapter. The adapter plugs into the wall and radar gun to provide power to the without using batteries.

So, if you are looking to train ballplayer(s) and perhaps to eliminate guessing whether a pitch really is fast or just looks it, one of these radar guns is for you!
If you are looking to work with pitchers to improve a change-up (one of my favorite reasons to own any speed detection device) you have found an affordable solution.

These radar guns were designed & priced for youth sports, especially youth baseball & youth softball through high school baseball & softball levels.
You will get immediate feedback and eliminate the guesswork while saving what might be a huge part of your team budget!

  • Be A Better Pitcher Or Position Player And Keep Your Arm Safe! Set to continuous mode on a tripod and see which changes in mechanics will make a velocity difference and accuracy. No need to pull a trigger for each pitch!
  • Our Sport Radar Gun May Be All You Need & Will Save You Big Bucks!
    You will become a better coach, a better baseball dad or a better ballplayer … almost immediately & will use it for years!
    This radar gun series is as accurate as any major brand I’ve used. They work well! We are coaches and we believe in all that we recommend!

I hope this helps you to make an informed purchase.
Sport Radar Gun With Tripod

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips

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Our Sport Radar Gun & LCD Display Package Includes
  • Sport Radar Gun
  • Slimline compact LCD Display (model DS 4000 day & night)
  • Features three 4″ tall LCD characters with backlighting
  • 4″ tabletop display stand for a 150’+ viewing distance
  • Connection port to join both items
  • 25 feet of cable (connects radar gun with display)
  • Carrying case (padded & shock resistant)

Sport 3600 Or 3800 Radar Gun Models With DS400 Remote Display Notes:

Overall height with the DS400 display is 10.5″; Overall height with the Radar Gun is 11.5″
The rugged carrying case will hold the radar gun, 4″ digit display unit, 25′ cable, 6V DC power adapter & tabletop stand.
The speed signal is transmitted to the large remote display that allows dugout, fans & players to see speed readings in real-time as they are taken… up to 25 feet away.

Model 3600 Reads Up To 60′ From Either Pitcher Or Catcher
Model 3800 Reads Up To 130′ From Either Pitcher Or Catcher


 Accurate to 100 +/- 1 MPH or KPH
 2 Modes of Operation: Trigger or Continuous
 Chart Your Improving Pitchers & develop The Change-Up
 Includes A Padded Carry Case (A $65 Value)


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Information From The Radar Gun Manufacturer!

Sports Radar kits are precision training instruments for coaches, players, and enthusiasts. Read and display accurate ball and swing speeds for various sports, including but not limited to: baseball, softball, tennis, bowling, golf, auto racing, and more. The included SR3600 radar gun is full-featured, reliable, durable and easy to use. Just point and pull the trigger and the target speed is displayed. Our advanced microprocessor-based speed detection calculates speeds in just a few feet of target travel.

Here’s Our Quick Summary Of This Sport Radar Gun Kit With LED Display

Sport 3600 Radar Gun & optional display kit is a precision training instrument for coaches, players & speed of the pitch games. Handheld trigger operation or tripod-mounted to calculate pitch after pitch without pulling a trigger. Accurate from 25-100+mph. 4″ tall LED display numerals are easy to see from up to 200′ away (we supply a 25′ cord, call if you need longer).


Warranty1 Year
Warranty DetailsYou should expect many years of service without issue!
Radar Display typeLCD


Radar Display type


Warranty Details

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