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Small Rolling Sports Drink Station | Serves 4 & Ships Free

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    EZ-Clean 10 Gallon Food Grade Tank With 8″ Cap

    Food-Grade Tank, Hoses & Pump

    Lightweight Aluminum Frame Won’t Rust

    Flat Free Tires Roll On All Surfaces

    Quick Disconnect Hose – Cleans Easily

    Food Grade Tank Hoses Pumps

    Includes Water Screen Helps Keep Vital Pump Clean

    Rolling Drink Station Serves 4 Athletes At One Time For A Good Price

    Drink stations are now necessary and are no longer a luxury. You invest in a good one and you solve a daily problem.
    Gone are the days of a bucket or a tub of Gatorade powder and some ice. We have learned the consequences in lost performance and potentially affected players.

    Adding multiple units drink stations allow trainers to have water in multiple locations, saving valuable practice time and keeping players performing at their highest levels.

    These Well Engineered Drink Stations Allow For Quicker  Day-To-Day Preparation & Easier Clean Up

    The tank has a large 10 gallon capacity with an oversized 8-inch cap, allowing for quicker ability to add water and scoops or bags of ice. As this is one of our smaller units, it remains manageable yet still gives you plenty of water and allows for quick on and off field-transporting. You will really appreciate this when having to make quick moves to various parts of your practice field.

    Built in America… By Specialists… For Sports Teams

    I alone have selected each of our manufacturers with an eye out for those who do one thing, and one thing well! This family-owned business have an old school eye for high quality and a variety of products to fit most budgets and all team sports needs. I am proud to work with such people and know that you will see that this is an investment and a solution to a daily issue that all coaches and team managers have; keeping players on the field and performing well.

    Product Specs

    45 inches tall x 22 inches wide x 22 inches long and only 48lbs when dry
    3 gallon per minute pump
    12 volt- 9 amp rechargeable battery system
    4 5 ft hose & nozzle assemblies

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